1388 Commits (732323edfc0761e53baaa954bb9ba893c10e80ca)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel 732323edfc
Ensure to always return a marker when inserting links to other items 5 months ago
  Daniel 00ca4c0276
Minorly simplify definition of Org linking hydra 5 months ago
  Daniel 22058b1568
Allow adding links to other items without refile verification 5 months ago
  Daniel d6584ef521
Fix signature of frame hook function 5 months ago
  Daniel d7b2ad0b71
Extend docstring for hydra-org-linking 6 months ago
  Daniel fd14313b9b
Only warn about RESET_CHECK_BOXES if it's really there 6 months ago
  Daniel 7833e28185
Make checkdoc happy about db-org 6 months ago
  Daniel 6e8b878b4d
Warn when using the deprecated RESET_CHECK_BOXES property 6 months ago
  Daniel bfcca623dc
Make checkdoc happy about db-hydras package 6 months ago
  Daniel 78b202aed7
Introduce hydra for managing links between Org mode items 6 months ago
  Daniel 77920dd9a2
Move cursor forward when inserting link to current clock 6 months ago
  Daniel afb06fca59
Free key binding for f12 6 months ago
  Daniel eae1590e68
Add function to add link to currently clocked-in task 6 months ago
  Daniel 0946628681
Ignore local project cache 6 months ago
  Daniel fde876a972
Restrict listing of link targets to current buffer by default 6 months ago
  Daniel 42d25198d9
Add link to current item when capturing simple TODO tasks 6 months ago
  Daniel 8fc035cb01
Do not set defaults for python-mode 6 months ago
  Daniel e971bfc915
Try out eglot for python mode 6 months ago
  Daniel 1788ceb0f4
Resolve flycheck warnings in db-music 6 months ago
  Daniel b0df6465f8
Remove duplicate overwrite confirmation when updating playlist 6 months ago
  Daniel f982f37d69
Use relative file names when updating playlist 6 months ago
  Daniel 1df794ebf2
Omit null strings when updating playlists 6 months ago
  Daniel 015d218431
Fix wrong handling of EMMS' current playlist buffer during export 6 months ago
  Daniel b148c41c98
Sort tracks in auto-generated playlists by title and author 6 months ago
  Daniel c0986d240b
Fix Org Mode state trigger definition and extend trigger list 6 months ago
  Daniel e1d66f5328
Disable auth-source-pass 7 months ago
  Daniel a01d9f768c
Do not save ad-hoc TRAMP proxies 7 months ago
  Daniel 532a2330af
Explicitly set TRAMP default method 7 months ago
  Daniel 8039aad605
Update docstring for git-annex playlist generation function 7 months ago
  Daniel c6af10f216
Bump date in copyright notice 7 months ago
  Daniel 7bfd185514
Add missing require statement for cl-lib 7 months ago
  Daniel 9efb765b5a
Extend documentation for agenda effort summation functions 7 months ago
  Daniel 6ba5fdad61
Fix bug in agenda effort summation if nothing there to display 7 months ago
  Daniel 7582c2065e
Include timestamps in org agenda effort summation 7 months ago
  Daniel 9cf17c973f
Show sum of daily efforts directly in the agenda 7 months ago
  Daniel ac31d0eb89
Do not sum up efforts in Org column view 7 months ago
  Daniel e2c0f4526c
Autoload some functions from org-download 7 months ago
  Daniel b5dc549a4f
Explicitly use python3 as default Python interpreter 7 months ago
  Daniel 8397b92aa4
Update elpa packages 8 months ago
  Daniel 6dd6cf88ab
Fix a bug when checking signatures accidentally containing CRLF 8 months ago
  Daniel e4f02647a2
Refactor code to update magit's repository list to separate function 8 months ago
  Daniel 123c72664b
Ensure some essential packages are loaded if not present 8 months ago
  Daniel a49d7fc76d
Remove calls to some obsolete CL functions 8 months ago
  Daniel 8729f7e84c
Add password-store to auth-sources 8 months ago
  Daniel 0dbc839c45
Do not forward mails as RFC822 MIME by default 8 months ago
  Daniel bac20f30c3
Disable candidate restriction in ivy 8 months ago
  Daniel 0e21e68aca
Fix typo in variable assignment 8 months ago
  Daniel bc95317b2b
Include ivy-hydra 8 months ago
  Daniel e7b50ed3d4
Provide more completion in Org roam buffers 8 months ago
  Daniel 0fe34a99bb
Fix call to obsolete function in magit initialization 8 months ago