Warn when using the deprecated RESET_CHECK_BOXES property

I want to use periodic tasks for repeated tasks with check boxes.
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Daniel - 2021-03-20 15:57:45 +01:00
parent bfcca623dc
commit 6e8b878b4d
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@ -305,8 +305,9 @@ tag PERIODIC."
;; from `org-checklist by James TD Smith (@ ahktenzero (. mohorovi cc)),
;; version: 1.0
(defun org-reset-checkbox-state-maybe ()
"Reset all checkboxes in an entry if the `RESET_CHECK_BOXES' property is set"
"Reset all checkboxes in an entry if `RESET_CHECK_BOXES' property is set."
(interactive "*")
(warn "Using the RESET_CHECK_BOXES property is deprecated, user periodic tasks instead")
(if (org-entry-get (point) "RESET_CHECK_BOXES")