Resolve flycheck warnings in db-music

Daniel Borchmann 2021-02-24 14:14:08 +01:00
parent b0df6465f8
commit 1788ceb0f4
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1 changed files with 12 additions and 8 deletions

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@ -9,6 +9,8 @@
(require 'seq)
(require 'emms)
(require 'emms-source-file)
(require 'emms-playlist-sort)
(require 'emms-info)
(require 'hydra)
(require 'db-emms)
@ -22,16 +24,17 @@
;; Autogeneration of Playlist
(defcustom db/auto-playlist-file-function #'db/play-auto-playlist-from-git-annex-find
"Function that has to return a list of all music files that
should be included in the auto playlist."
"Function returning all music files of an automatically generated playlist.
This function should return a list of file names of music files."
:group 'db-music
:type 'function)
(defun db/play-auto-playlist ()
"Generate playlist using `db/auto-playlist-file-function and
start playing it.
"Automatically generate playlist and play it.
Current backend is EMMS."
Will use `db/auto-playlist-file-function for generating that
playlist. Current backend is EMMS."
(db/-emms-playlist-from-files (funcall db/auto-playlist-file-function)))
@ -89,10 +92,11 @@ be part of a git-annex repository, complaining otherwise."
(defun db/play-auto-playlist-from-git-annex-find ()
"Interactively query user for a git-annex match expression and
play resulting list of audio files.
"Query for match expression and play resulting audio files.
See `db/playlist-files-from-git-annex-find for more details."
The match expression must be suitable for git-annex to find the
desired files. See `db/playlist-files-from-git-annex-find for
more details."
(call-interactively #'db/playlist-files-from-git-annex-find)))