Free key binding for f12

I am not using it anymore, so let's make sure it stays that way and we can use
that key for something else in the future.
Daniel Borchmann 2021-03-20 15:41:31 +01:00
parent eae1590e68
commit afb06fca59
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@ -176,7 +176,6 @@
(bind-key "<XF86Forward>" #'winner-redo)
(bind-key "<f10>" #'magit-status)
(bind-key "<f11>" #'db/org-find-links-to-current-item)
(bind-key "<f12>" #'db/helm-shortcuts)
(bind-key "<f1>" #'db/run-or-hide-eshell)
(bind-key "<f2>" #'hydra-feature-shortcuts/body)
(bind-key "<f5>" (if (executable-find "ag") #'counsel-ag #'rgrep))