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Josef Söntgen e3c37f43a0 remove RUN_ENV usage 2015-01-26 12:28:41 +01:00
Josef Söntgen ce24547eea create_builddir: add default RUN_OPT configuration 2015-01-26 12:28:40 +01:00
Josef Söntgen c706b1c0a7 run: modularize run tool 2015-01-26 12:28:40 +01:00
Christian Helmuth febca1b827 rtc: pseudo driver for linux + server framework
The commit also includes a test program incl. run script.

Fixes #1344.
2015-01-26 12:28:40 +01:00
Josef Söntgen a36d0ec83a lxip: provide struct file pointer for udp_poll
Lxip may deference the file pointer in 'udp_poll()'. So we provide a
valid dummy object.

Fixes #1371.
2015-01-20 12:05:54 +01:00
Norman Feske 363fd6065d Init: support for aliases for child names
Fixes #1373
2015-01-20 11:25:59 +01:00
Norman Feske a0abb093ed Remove output-section fill from linker scripts
The linker scripts use to fill alignment gaps within the text section
with the magic value 0x90909090, which correponds to the opcodes of four
nop instructions on x86. This patch removes this value because it
apparently solves no problem. If, for some reason (e.g., due to a dangling
pointer) a thread executes instructions within alignment paddings, NOP
instructions are not any better than any other instruction. The program
will eventually execute the instructions after the padding, which is
most likely fatal. It would be more reasonable to fill the padding with
the opcode of an illegal instruction so that such an error can be
immediately detected. That said, I cannot remember a single instance,
where the fill value has helped us during debugging.

Even if the mechanism served a purpose on x86, it is still better to
remove it because it does not equally work on the other architectures
where the linker scripts are used. I.e., on ARM, the opcode 0x90909090
is not a NOP instruction.
2015-01-20 11:25:59 +01:00
Emery Hemingway e1667e61cc libports: sqlite
Issue #1357
2015-01-20 11:25:58 +01:00
Emery Hemingway e4ac1f99ed tool/ports: run unzip with UNZIP_OPT
The patch supports both, a download-specific UNZIP_OPT(download) and a
general UNZIP_OPT that can be defined across downloads.
UNZIP_OPT(download) overrides UNZIP_OPT.

Note, the `--strip-components=1` argument is not required for unzip.

Issue #1357
2015-01-20 11:23:52 +01:00
Emery Hemingway b5f1af6af0 libports: libbz2 (Bzip2)
Issue #1357
2015-01-20 11:23:52 +01:00
Norman Feske cfea0ea97d News items for FOSDEM and roadmap 2015 2015-01-20 11:23:51 +01:00
Norman Feske cbe835f2c8 Roadmap 2015 2015-01-20 11:23:51 +01:00
Christian Helmuth ce15800beb vbox: loosen boot heuristics in auto-disk test 2015-01-20 11:23:51 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 9262629a86 vbox: fix interrupt injection in recompiler mode
Fixes #1365
2015-01-20 11:23:51 +01:00
Christian Prochaska 50950ec248 vbox: 'poke' fixes
Fixes #1364
2015-01-20 11:23:51 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 336018b493 base: append label per line properly (log service)
If newlines are in the string send to the core log service, they don't get
the label properly appended before each output. The messages then look like
they are coming from core.

Fixes #1368
2015-01-20 11:23:51 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 25eec75ad8 vbox: be less verbose in vmx_invalid exit cases
Be less verbose regards warnings caused by vmx_invalid exits - which triggers
on T400 more often because it has no Unrestricted Guest support. This leads
to lot of log messages so that the test does not succeed in time. Additionally,
the script is adjusted to check for some output to
exit earlier if something went wrong.

Fixes #1367
2015-01-20 11:23:51 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 988a7962a8 nova: disable vpid feature
Workaround for issue #1343. By disabling the 'vpid' feature of the nova
kernel several VMs can be used concurrently. Applies for Seoul and VirtualBox.

Issue #1343
2015-01-20 11:23:50 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher ee996d2280 vbox: enable dumping GuruMeditations messages
This typically is a sign that something went terribly wrong. The information
may help to debug issues.

Issue #1343
2015-01-20 11:23:50 +01:00
Stefan Kalkowski e8d1d6e87c rpi: add missing drivers in run-scripts (Fix #1366)
Add platform driver and usb-network driver for platform_rpi where appropriated.
2015-01-20 11:23:50 +01:00
Stefan Kalkowski 28112d1ff9 rump: exclude ARM architectures apart from v7
Ref #1366
2015-01-20 11:23:50 +01:00
Stefan Kalkowski df8bdaaf79 run: increase JTAG load timeout (Ref #1366) 2015-01-20 11:23:50 +01:00
Christian Helmuth f99ca9e372 Tools for convenient handling of port contrib dirs

  create symbolic link from 'contrib/<port-name>-<hash>' to


  print current contrib directory of port

Fixes #1345.
2015-01-20 11:23:50 +01:00
Christian Prochaska 6791fd18cc vbox: use libc's 'gettimeofday()' function
Fixes #1363
2015-01-20 11:23:50 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 4be7b3c3ad seoul: exclude 64bit guest in
Fixes #1358
2015-01-20 11:23:49 +01:00
Josef Söntgen d58509f446 libc: create poll.h symlink
Since user-land tools tend to look for <poll.h> instead of <sys/poll.h>
make them happy like w/o resorting to patch the source.

Fixes #1356.
2015-01-20 11:23:49 +01:00
Josef Söntgen f01472b308 dde_rump: Update to current version
Issue #1361
2015-01-20 11:23:49 +01:00
Stefan Kalkowski 2380fc442f ahci: avoid to reinstantiate backend driver
Instead of fixing the missing dynamic facilities of the AHCI driver
backends for x86 and Exynos5, just avoid to create/destroy the backend
for every new connection, but always use one and the same object.
The AHCI drivers need to be re-written anyway, see issue #1352 for instance,
we can make it more robust for the dynamic case then.

Fixes #786
Fixes #1133
2015-01-12 14:24:55 +01:00
Stefan Kalkowski 901bff813d imx31: remove platform completely (fix #1360) 2015-01-12 14:24:15 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 0f18ecc142 base: handle input overflow exception
Fixes #1348
2015-01-09 11:52:06 +01:00
Sebastian Sumpf 1a26f33469 ldso: shared-object lock and ctor test
This has to be used during shared object creation and destruction because global
lists are manipulated. We cannot use the 'Elf_object::lock' here because there
may be jump-slot relocations during object initialization.

Fixes #1350
2015-01-09 11:31:21 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher e5b509cabb nova: breakpoint handling
If no one is registered for a breakpoint trap - stop the thread. E.g. used
by virtualbox assertion implementation.
2015-01-09 11:03:29 +01:00
Martin Stein 9a4a0448be hw vea9x4: remove trustzone support
When building Genode for VEA9X4 as micro-hypervisor protected by the ARM
TrustZone hardware we ran into limitations regarding our basic daily
testing routines. The most significant is that, when speaking about RAM
partitioning, the only available options are to configure the whole SRAM
to be secure and the whole DDR-RAM to be non-secure or vice versa. The
SRAM however provides only 32 MB which isn't enough for both a
representative non-secure guest OS or a secure Genode that is still
capable of passing our basic tests. This initiated our decision to
remove the VEA9X4 TrustZone-support.

Fixes #1351
2015-01-08 13:28:42 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 91daf433c5 seoul: transform absolute events to relative (PS2)
Fixes #1346
2015-01-07 15:17:51 +01:00
Martin Stein be7d5b4827 hw: use context-area base that is ok for VEA9X4-TZ
On VEA9X4-TZ, the context-area overlaps with the virtual area of the
text, data and bss. However, we can't simply change the link address as
the core image (used physically respectively 1:1 mapped) needs to be in
this particular RAM-region as it is the only one that can be protected
against a VM. Thus I've moved the context area to a place where it
shouldn't disturb any HW-platform.

Fixes #1337
2015-01-07 10:41:22 +01:00
Martin Stein e63092f1dd hw & cortex_a9: fix scheduling-timer speed
The estimation of the input clock of the Cortex A9 Private Timer module
was pretty miserable at every Cortex A9 board.

Fixes #1341
2015-01-06 15:22:07 +01:00
Martin Stein ba321c20d1 hw vea9x4: let userland timer SP804 0/1 be secure
Declaring the SP804 0/1 module and its interrupt to be non-secure prevents the
secure Genode from receiving the interrupt and hence the timer driver in the
secure Genode doesn't work.

Fixes #1340
2015-01-06 15:16:02 +01:00
Sebastian Sumpf 6f8f9085f3 os: Add virtual destructor to block driver
Fixes #1339.
2015-01-06 15:10:17 +01:00
Christian Helmuth 11a513ac63 prepare_port: disable certificate checking in wget
Some downloads are available via HTTPS only, but wget < 3.14 does not
support server-name identification, which is used by some sites. So, we
disable certificate checking in wget and check the validity of the
download via SIG or SHA.

Fixes #1334.
2015-01-06 12:39:11 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 8842ba2e1c nova: remove timer delay heuristic
The commit uses a fixed kernel branch (r8), which fixes a caching bug
observable in the Genode host. The quirk detecting the circumstance in the
timer service is obsolete now and is removed.

Fixes #1338
2015-01-06 12:39:11 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher 1d920fa1b5 nova: fix usage of portal permission
The commit
- fixes the syscall bindings for using portal permissions
- revokes PT_CTRL permission after pager in core set local badge name
- revokes PT_CTRL permission after server entrypoint code set local badge name

Fixes #1335
2015-01-06 12:39:11 +01:00
Christian Helmuth 2cd902f09f libc: warn on configuration errors in rtc wrapper
Fixes #1336.
2015-01-06 12:39:11 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher bfa2ad7d47 nova: platform test for portal permission usage
Test and run script showcasing issue #1335.

The test mainly tries out syscalls which should not succeed.
2015-01-06 12:39:11 +01:00
Christian Helmuth 77410a08a8 libc: remove debug messages from vfs plugin 2015-01-06 12:39:10 +01:00
Martin Stein 659f6ff5c8 hw_vea9x4: quickfix for missing SMP awareness
This fix configures TTBRs and translation-table descriptors as if we would use
SMP although we don't to circumvent problems with UP-configurations.
This fix should be superseded later by full SMP support for the VEA9X4.

ref #1312
2014-12-19 13:58:49 +01:00
Christian Helmuth 59d26e040e ahci: enable benchmark on x86 2014-12-19 13:58:48 +01:00
Martin Stein 5783ba4b1f base: let context area RM session be expanding
Fixes #1331.
2014-12-19 13:58:48 +01:00
Martin Stein d31492040c hw: fix race on pager-object dissolve
The HW-kernel, in contrast to other kernels, provides a direct reference
to the pager object with the fault signal that is send to the pager
activation. When accessing this reference directly we may fall into the
time span where the root parent-entrypoint of the faulter has alredy
dissolved the pager object from the pager entrypoint, but not yet
silenced the according signal context.  To avoid this we issue an
additional 'lookup_and_lock' with the received pager object. This isn't
optimal as we don't need the potentially cost-intensive lookup but only the

Fixes #1311.
Fixes #1332.
2014-12-19 13:58:48 +01:00
Alexander Boettcher a59cf9f557 usb: wacom touchscreen support 2014-12-19 13:58:48 +01:00
Christian Helmuth 6344ab94b2 run: use predefined name for wsman script
"file tempfile" is not available in tcl versions below 8.6, which are
still wide spread, for example, in Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS.

Fixes #1328.
2014-12-19 13:58:48 +01:00