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Daniel - dc8a028742
Use pyright as language server when `lsp-pyright` is available
Also ignore the .cache directory, as that's the one `lsp-pyright' is installing
it's local copy of `pyright` into.
2021-07-22 20:27:20 +02:00
Daniel - 76990dcdf2
Allow fast link creation to items recentely associated with clocking
This allows to insert links to items that were recently clocked into.  The
selection to those items is done via `org-clock-select-task`, which itself will
display items from `org-clock-history`.
2021-07-17 08:47:37 +02:00
Daniel - ff3227b1f9
Deactivate subword-mode in plantuml files
plantuml-mode derives from prog-mode, which in my coniguration automatically
activates subword-mode.  However, as plantuml uses barewords as strings, those
are rarely meant to be in camel-case (indeed, typos are much more common) and
subword-mode is more distracting than helpful.
2021-07-13 19:40:34 +02:00
Daniel - b85246ae7c
Add shortcut to timeline for deleting other windows 2021-07-03 17:54:15 +02:00
Daniel - c3a099fd6a
Add shortcut to timeline of day to frequently used features
I am using this frequently, so let's put it there!
2021-07-02 17:38:22 +02:00
Daniel - 8060b7c862
Increase font size in custom themes
On full-hd, a height of 107 is too low.
2021-06-27 11:59:53 +02:00
Daniel - 3482a18cce
Set indent level of plantuml-mode
Identing by the default eight spaces is too much for me.  Keep it more compact!
2021-06-25 20:38:27 +02:00
Daniel - 4222db03b8
Add default values for plantuml-mode
Font locking is not really working, but this might be due to incomplete face
2021-06-21 17:40:13 +02:00
Daniel - 1a7afdf85e
Ensure that some essential packages are always installed 2021-06-19 14:31:05 +02:00
Daniel - c2f2b23a6c
Add stop shortcut for main music hydra
So far, only a toggle for playing and pausing was available.  Providing a
shortcut for `emms-stop` makes unconditionally sure the music is stoped.

Funnily(?), this also replaces an obsolete shortcut for `emms-show`.
2021-06-13 18:05:40 +02:00
Daniel - 4dfdee33ad
Disable archive mode in Weekly Review overview
In general, all tasks of the previous week should still be present in this week
and the week before, so there's no need to activate archive mode by default.  If
it's necessary after all, it can be activated manually.
2021-06-13 14:25:44 +02:00
Daniel - c4bb9a9a76
Group configuration of Gnus agent for better readablity
This only means to wrap a `use-package` around the variable settings, but since
I may be playing around with this in the future, it's better to visually group
this configuration already now.
2021-06-13 09:43:28 +02:00
Daniel - 73e8ded9da
Store gnus configuration files in the private conf directory
This is a more reasonable default for me.
2021-06-12 10:13:16 +02:00
Daniel - 9e4ea4591c
Update dash 2021-06-12 09:26:46 +02:00
Daniel - fea692a113
By default, only show closed items on Org angeda log mode
It's easier for the weekly review to see only those items that were closed, as
those may still have pending actions that need to be captured.  Items not yet
closed are still available on the calendar, on the Next Action list, or
2021-06-06 16:47:58 +02:00
Daniel - 97d45a8874
Ignore waiting-fors that are scheduled at any time
We only ignored future items so far, but those that are scheduled today or in
the past are also in our focus (i.e., our the daily agenda).  So let's not show
those as well.
2021-06-01 20:30:23 +02:00
Daniel - 4bc26adbcb
Explicitly activate global-git-commit-mode
It's not activated by magit anymore, so we activate it explicitly.
2021-05-30 10:39:09 +02:00
Daniel - b8c98d08ef
Ignore scheduled items on the Waiting-For list
This allows to schedule items to some future date and not be remined about them
until then.
2021-05-21 15:52:33 +02:00
Daniel - b0fead9778
Add colon to reply capture template
It's easier to read this way.
2021-05-20 22:24:01 +02:00
Daniel - 4b1eb2e322
Sort items in Waiting-For list by priority and category
This is the same sorting as it is used in the Next Action list, and should
provide a better overview over the current items on the Waiting-For list.

Formatted the value for `org-agenda-sorting-strategy` on one line for better
readability, and also changed that for the definition of the Next Action list.
2021-05-19 20:12:46 +02:00
Daniel - e5c7494622
Fix wrong definition of org capture template for interruptions 2021-05-17 21:49:01 +02:00
Daniel - a269047a0d
Fix Org capture templates for Read and Response
The Read capture template did not properly ask for the topic and did not have a
placement indicator for the cursor, fixed that.  The Response capture template
now has a “Reply ” action word to indicate the proper action, and also has a
placement indicator in it.  This way, it should be easier to use these capture
2021-05-16 08:35:04 +02:00
Daniel - 6c4daa1cf5
Move reading list to main overview
As with the next action list, it's better to keep the reading list in sight so
that when I decide what to do next, it's there and showing me all the
2021-05-16 08:17:53 +02:00
Daniel - 299ab9d147
Sort next actions by category in addition to priority
At work, I am using the category to record the cost centers of the corresponding
actions.  Maybe sorting the next action list gives a better understanding of the
overall set of actions by clustering them by category?
2021-05-14 19:24:24 +02:00
Daniel - fb245e6358
Display next action list in main agenda view
I somehow have the feeling that my next action list is not “present” enough and
so I am afraid to miss things.  As an experiments, let's try to display the next
action list in the main agenda view to always have it in sight.
2021-05-14 19:24:20 +02:00
Daniel - 0899a9079e
Clean up all links in headline when linking to it
So far, we only considered one link in a headline and replaced it with its
description when linking to it.  When there are multiple links, this will fail.
This commit changes this by iterating over all links in the headline, not only
the first one.
2021-05-12 18:29:34 +02:00
Daniel - 7960f763f4
Keep headline around links when linking to them
So far, when a link is discovered in a headline, we only keep the description of
that link.  This will throw away the context of that link, which is
undesirable.  So let's keep it.
2021-05-12 18:20:18 +02:00
Daniel - 268ddeb1aa
Avoid complete links in descriptions when adding links to Org items
When inserting links to other Org items or to the currently clocked-in item, the
complete target headline is used as a description in the newly inserted link.
When that target headline is itself a link, the newly inserted link will contain
the complete link as a description, rendering it unreadable and also
malformed (it's not allowed to have two consequtive brackets in the description
of a link).  To remedy this, we now explicitly check the target headline for
being a link, and if so, only use the description of it as the description in
the newly inserted link.
2021-05-12 17:47:45 +02:00
Daniel - d6d2d4787d
Do not immediately finish capture when responding to mails
In that case, I sometimes want to add extra information, like scheduling a
date or adding extra references.  This is not easily possible when the capture
is closed immediately.
2021-05-12 17:03:12 +02:00
Daniel - a9ffee27f4
Bind scroll-lock-mode to Scroll-Lock-Mode key
Inspired by  Thanks!
2021-05-01 20:27:34 +02:00
Daniel - a6a85cdb8b
Use only file name in Org mode refile targets instead of buffer name
Using the buffer name does not seem to play well together with org refile
keeping the last choice on top of the candidate list, because a slash is
automatically appended to this entry.  This results in an invalid refile
location.  Thus reverting back to only using the file name, it's fine this way.
2021-05-01 20:25:19 +02:00
Daniel - 453c6e37bf
Add missing parenthesis
This happens if one does not restart Emacs that often …
2021-04-30 15:39:12 +02:00
Daniel - a0b1f4df0d
Do not use `org-store-link` when inserting links to other items
When the link to another item is already present in the history of
`org-store-link`, nothing is updated.  Inserting the topmost link then results
in a wrong link being inserted.

Not using `org-store-link` at all fixes this problem and also leaves the history
of `org-store-link` untouched.  It also simplifies the implementation by not
relying on the complexity of `org-store-link`, but instead just only using
`org-entry-get` and `org-id-get-create`.
2021-04-29 19:52:54 +02:00
Daniel - 3bbf747aca
Do not include SOMEWHEN items in reading list
Those will be done somewhen, if at all, and are not necessarily associated with
any action.  So let's keep them off the reading list consisting of read actions.
2021-04-26 18:20:27 +02:00
Daniel - c0351f39b9
Extend agenda view for current projects
This view will now show stuck projects as well as periodic projects in addition
to the usual singleton projects.
2021-04-25 20:37:17 +02:00
Daniel - 323a59b622
Separate Next Action list from Reading list
This is a bit more overseeable.
2021-04-25 19:25:32 +02:00
Daniel - f21ae7576a
Do not include READ actions on the SOMEWHEN list
They are included in the main Next Action list now.
2021-04-25 18:30:36 +02:00
Daniel - 41bfbf9288
Experimentally include the READ list in the Next Action list
Usually, this list will be filtered away, but knowing it's there should help not
fogetting about it.
2021-04-25 16:49:13 +02:00
Daniel - bc07a89989
Include effort estimates in tags and todo lists
This is to see and also to filter those lists by effort.
2021-04-25 16:49:06 +02:00
Daniel - 293e137431
Do not schedule captured tasks by default
If this is necessary at all, if will be done during the clarification process.
2021-04-25 14:14:50 +02:00
Daniel - 9406291f5b
Remove list of stuck projects from Unsupervised agenda view
This list does not need to be inspected on a daily, but on a weekly basis.  It
can be accessed via the standard org-agenda command menu.
2021-04-25 12:08:17 +02:00
Daniel - 97b9141b31
Ignore Waiting-For actions on Next Action list
Obvious, but had missed that.
2021-04-25 11:17:25 +02:00
Daniel - 524c36a014
Add list for missed appointments
When a DATE action is missed, it will not show up in the agenda anymore.  So
let's track them individually.
2021-04-25 10:32:30 +02:00
Daniel - 7cc1c19c22
Clearly mark waiting-for and next-actions lists as such
The next actions list now also contains that have a deadline, but are not being
scheduled.  This is more in accordance with the GTD method, as items with a far
deadline can still be done today, and for this they have to appear in that list.
2021-04-25 10:27:53 +02:00
Daniel - ef7682b276
Allow projects to be marked as SOMEWHEN
This way, projects do not appear on the Unspecified agenda and are not subject
to rigorous Next-Action handling.
2021-04-24 20:41:44 +02:00
Daniel - 2e8d912c14
Update pyvenv command autoload list to include pyvenv-create
This might be used before loading pyvenv, so let's include it in the autoload

However, it seems pyvenv is loading its autoloads anyway, so this change might
be irrelevant.  It's still nice to have it here for documentation.
2021-04-24 09:59:50 +02:00
Daniel - 277c360914
Allow WORKON_HOME environment variable to be overwritten
When running this Emacs configuration on different hosts (with different
operating systems …), virtual environments for Python may be available in
different locations.  So we allow the environment in which Emacs is started in
to overwrite the value of WORKON_HOME to accomodate for this.
2021-04-24 09:49:55 +02:00
Daniel - 36a1693610
Automatically restart python interpreters when switching virtualenvs
This apparantely does not work when simply deactivating the current virtual
environment, though.
2021-04-24 09:48:51 +02:00
Daniel - 32cb502915
Set WORKON_HOME environment variable for pyvenv usability
Again inspired by
2021-04-24 09:40:11 +02:00
Daniel - 0d2897dff7
Try out lsp-ui-mode
This is fun :)
2021-04-22 15:51:45 +02:00