Add stop shortcut for main music hydra

So far, only a toggle for playing and pausing was available.  Providing a
shortcut for `emms-stop` makes unconditionally sure the music is stoped.

Funnily(?), this also replaces an obsolete shortcut for `emms-show`.
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Daniel Borchmann 2021-06-13 18:05:40 +02:00
parent 4dfdee33ad
commit c2f2b23a6c
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@ -106,18 +106,19 @@ more details."
Playing: %s(db/emms-track-status)
_n_: ?n? _p_: ?p?
_RET_: ?RET? _M_: ?M?
_RET_: ?RET? _s_: ?s?
_-_: lower volume _+_: ?+?
_P_: ?P?
_M_: ?M?
("n" emms-next "next")
("p" emms-previous "previous")
("RET" emms-pause "play/pause")
("s" emms-show "show title")
("s" emms-stop "stop playing")
("-" emms-volume-lower "lower volume")
("+" emms-volume-raise "raise volume")
("M" emms "show playlist")
("M" emms "Show playlist in new EMMS buffer")
("P" (db/play-auto-playlist)
"Play automatically generated playlist"))