Allow fast link creation to items recentely associated with clocking

This allows to insert links to items that were recently clocked into.  The
selection to those items is done via `org-clock-select-task`, which itself will
display items from `org-clock-history`.
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Daniel Borchmann 2021-07-17 08:47:37 +02:00
parent ff3227b1f9
commit 76990dcdf2
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@ -771,15 +771,30 @@ active."
(user-error "No clocked-in task, aborting"))
(db/org-insert-link-to-pom org-clock-marker))
(defun db/org-add-link-to-org-clock-select-task ()
"Insert link to Org item that was recently associated with clocking.
Interactively query for such an item and insert link to current
buffer at point."
(interactive "")
(unless (derived-mode-p 'org-mode)
(user-error "Not in Org Mode, will not insert link"))
(let ((pom (org-clock-select-task "Select item to link to: ")))
(if (null pom)
(error "Invalid choice")
(db/org-insert-link-to-pom pom))))
(defhydra hydra-org-linking (:color blue :hint none)
Add link at point to
_c_urrent clock
_s_select clock item from the recent clock history
_o_ther item (from current file buffer or default Org file)
_O_ther item (from all Org mode text search files)
Show _b_acklinks to current item."
("c" db/org-add-link-to-current-clock)
("s" db/org-add-link-to-org-clock-select-task)
("o" (db/org-add-link-to-other-item nil))
("O" (db/org-add-link-to-other-item t))
("b" db/org-find-links-to-current-item))