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Daniel Borchmann abfdbe41d2
Add another shortcut for standard git commit message
„Update submodule references“ is used when the commit just updates references to
updated submodules.
2020-01-19 17:22:09 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 3fc25e3cad
Require customizations in utilities package
The function may make use of some custom variables, and this way we make sure
they are there when needed.
2020-01-19 17:21:32 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 38f7fd7c88
Move some more custom org mode link handlers to `db-org'
This is where they belong, nowhere else.
2020-01-19 17:21:14 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann c566908deb
Let the org mode RFC link handler cache its documents
RFC documents do not change over time.  The custom org mode link handler
`db/org-rfc-open' now makes use of this by downloading RFC documents to
`db/rfc-cache-path' (if defined) and opening the files locally.  If
`db/rfc-cache-path' is not defined, the RFC is opened in an external browser as

This allows to keep a selection of used RFC documents locally on the filesystem
for future reference, without the need to retrieve them again from the IETF.

Since this is all org mode related, the handler now also resides in `db-org'
instead of `db-utils'.
2020-01-19 17:17:47 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann bc6b1acde4
Convert `sc' shortcut to imperative mood
This shortcut is mostly used in git commit messages, and should be in imperative
mood.  Inspired by
2020-01-18 15:06:12 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 31bde05efa
Add missing word in comment
Sorry, but need to have it there …
2020-01-18 10:25:40 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 66eb5e3da4
Fix missing handling of optional NTP format string 2020-01-18 10:24:49 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann c86051ba22
Add obvious test for NTP conversion
This test could not have been added before, because conversion was not
guaranteed to work for dates before the unix epoch.  It now is, and we finally
can check the start of the NTP epoch! :)
2020-01-18 10:20:21 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 010f3cec86
Reimplement NTP conversion using Calc
The previous implementation made use of `encode-time', which is not
guaranteed to work with times before the unix epoch.  Indeed, on at least one
Windows machine, the corresponding function `db/ntp-to-time' could not handle
such dates.  However, Calc can handle those independently of `encode-time',
and `db/ntp-to-time' has now been reimplemented in terms of the corresponding
Calc functions.

All (both) tests still pass.
2020-01-18 10:17:54 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 02299b11a4
Increase default value of the undo limit 2020-01-12 17:52:08 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 158a232cfe
Move some personal customization variables to dedicated package 2020-01-11 12:35:53 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann f4b55ad777
Add tests for NTP time conversion 2020-01-11 10:13:30 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann a63210a336
Update criteria for stuck projects
Previously, a project was not stuck if any subtask was tagged NOP (no-project).
However, this led constellations like the following to be hidden from the stuck
project list:

  * Test               :NOP:
  ** TestTest
  *** TestTestTest     :NOP:

In this case, the NOP at TestTestTest would result in hiding TestTest, which,
however, does not have any more things to do and should thus be marked stuck.
The new configuration will check NOP only at the top headline, and not at any
other sub-headlines.  For this, a property search TAGS={NOP} is necessary,
because otherwise tag inheritance would result in wrong false negatives.
2020-01-10 18:23:11 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann a4f2428e49
Don' use `dired-open' when on windows
The reason is that `dired-open--start-process' uses POSIX tools (sh, nohup) that
are not generally available on Windows.
2020-01-10 18:18:26 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 9ab5d55237
Remove visibility cycling from general clock mapping function
It's only necessary when editing the buffer, not when only traversing it.  Moved
it to the only function where this is actually done, and added a comment to the
docstring of `timeline-tools-map-clocklines' to remind everyone that editing the
buffer through this function may yield funny surprises :)
2020-01-10 18:12:50 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann e966edd950
Use `org-show-all' to, well, show all
Using `org-cycle' may result in hooks being run, depending on where point is.
This may cause undesired and highly surprising behavior.
2020-01-10 18:10:07 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann df2464ce5b
Check input of NTP conversion function 2020-01-09 21:35:23 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 57107c0c75
Prettify docstring 2020-01-09 21:35:12 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 52de03a8c0
Note simple test case for NTP conversion function 2020-01-09 21:34:55 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 97e3b4da13
Fix computation of seconds in NTP conversion function 2020-01-09 21:34:38 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann c16500344c
Globally require `dash' 2020-01-09 21:02:23 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann b92d5e7819
Allow spaces in NTP time strings 2020-01-09 21:02:18 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann f44ed54318
Fix handling of dates before Unix epoch in NTP conversion 2020-01-09 20:58:01 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann d6690d27f9
Fix docstring of `db/ntp-to-time' 2020-01-09 20:57:13 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann a710238694
Use correct number of seconds between 1900-01-01 and the epoch 2020-01-09 20:56:50 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 6f856c61b6
Properly declare ignored variable 2020-01-05 14:42:13 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 95555dd7c1
Add missing require for timeline-tools 2020-01-05 14:32:38 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 4b7e02ccd6
Trying to make test for `timeline-tools' independent of locale 2020-01-05 14:32:35 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 243e579973
Check whether special org-mode files are included in agenda when displaying it 2020-01-05 13:36:37 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 66425ee2b7
Add some comments why we don't automatically update `org-agenda-files' anymore 2020-01-05 13:23:23 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann ec83430a70
Remove `db-update-org-agenda-files'
It's not used anymore and won't ever work as intended.
2020-01-05 13:06:50 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 9f072ebca1
Remove obsolete assignment of `org-agenda-diary-file'
We are not using this functionality anyway.
2020-01-05 12:39:23 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann bbfea51fca
Fix check in `db/export-diary' for empty files
This is a result of changing the types of the special org files.  Now a typed
language would be great …
2020-01-05 12:36:56 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 570fe5906b
Remove obsolete comment 2020-01-05 12:27:35 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 7e7f8b3e13
Disable custom setter for special agenda files for now
It is no good to update `org-agenda-files' when setting those variables, only to
be overwritten by customize itself latter on.  Maybe it's better to instead have
a custom setter that updates the variable, but also checks whether the file is
also contained in `org-agenda-files', warning the user if this is not the case?
2020-01-05 12:24:01 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 5627da7b42
Simplify output 2020-01-05 12:18:33 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 1f2a3e70d4
Fix customize types for special org agenda files 2020-01-05 12:17:50 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 541940d7dc
Fix glitch in custom setter for `org-agenda-file' 2020-01-05 12:17:37 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann e234912180
Inline `org-agenda-file-to-front'
This allows to use the value for the new file directly, instead of opening a
buffer for it.
2020-01-05 12:10:31 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann cf14629099
Remove obsolete debugging output 2020-01-05 11:57:43 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann bd65533b97
Update custom setter for special org agenda files
The setter will now complain if the file to be added to `org-agenda-files' does
not exist and is not readable.  It also now uses the proper functions from `org'
to update `org-agenda-files'.
2020-01-05 11:56:05 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann c3df9ef92b
Change default values for custom agenda files to nil 2020-01-05 11:55:54 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 8f3403e132
Make sure `message-mode' uses the right function to send mail
Up to now, it seemed to be sufficient to set `send-mail-function' alone, but
somehow some changes have made it necessary to set `message-send-mail-function'
explicitly.  If not done, it defaults to `message-send-mail-with-sendmail',
using the sendmail exectuable to send mail.  At least on my machine this results
in the message being delivered to the local exim instance, which does not allow
sending remote sending of mail.
2020-01-05 11:28:38 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann a3456f7863
Don't use `eval-when-compile' in use-packages' :config block
This causes the included require statements to be loaded unconditionally,
defying the whole purpose of a :config block.
2020-01-03 14:01:18 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 7aff235caf
Defer loading of `dired-open' 2020-01-03 11:50:55 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann d7b88a1f12
Use `counsel-descbinds' to describe current keybindings 2020-01-03 10:24:15 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann ee8ac2567a
Restructuring notes file 2019-12-30 13:35:58 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 2bc856618a
Don't automatically clock in when taking notes
If this is necessary, clock in separately using the interruption template.
However, I have felt that this is rarely useful, to the extend that I haven't
used the note capture template just because it disturbs the clock.
2019-12-30 13:25:07 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 2feafafe7c
Remove logbook entries 2019-12-30 13:23:59 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann a78ea04490
Minor markup fix in main notes file 2019-12-30 13:21:09 +01:00