Reimplement NTP conversion using Calc

The previous implementation made use of `encode-time', which is not
guaranteed to work with times before the unix epoch.  Indeed, on at least one
Windows machine, the corresponding function `db/ntp-to-time' could not handle
such dates.  However, Calc can handle those independently of `encode-time',
and `db/ntp-to-time' has now been reimplemented in terms of the corresponding
Calc functions.

All (both) tests still pass.
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Daniel - 2020-01-18 10:17:54 +01:00
parent 02299b11a4
commit 010f3cec86
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@ -214,18 +214,26 @@ FORMAT-STRING defaults to some ISO 8601-like format."
(string-to-number input-proper 16)))))
(list (read-hex "High (hex): ")
(read-hex "Low (hex): "))))
(let* ((high-seconds (- high 2208988800)) ; subtract seconds between 1900-01-01 and the epoch
(h (if (< high-seconds 0)
(- (lsh (- high-seconds) -16))
(lsh high-seconds -16)))
(l (% high-seconds 65536))
(low-pseconds (* (/ low 4294967296.0) 1e12))
(u (floor (/ low-pseconds 1e6)))
(p (floor (- low-pseconds (* 1e6 u)))))
(format-time-string (or format-string "%FT%H:%M:%S.%9NZ")
(list h l u p)
(require 'calc-forms)
(let* ((unix-time (calcFunc-unixtime (calc-eval (format "%s - 2208988800 + (%s/4294967296)" high low)
;; we explicitly call `calcFunc-unixtime'
;; here to set the time zone to UTC
(format "%04d-%02d-%02dT%02d:%02d:%012.9fZ"
(calcFunc-year unix-time)
(calcFunc-month unix-time)
(calcFunc-day unix-time)
(calcFunc-hour unix-time)
(calcFunc-minute unix-time)
;; `seconds' will be a floating point number, and we need to format
;; it with a precision that is high enough; apparently, we need to
;; truncate the number of seconds to nine digits, at least that is
;; what has been done in the test example we use in the
;; corresponding regression test …
(calc-eval '("trunc(second($), 9)" calc-internal-prec 30)
'num unix-time)))))
(defun conditionally-enable-lispy ()
"Enable lispy-mode when in `eval-expression or in