61 Commits (f7cf04a7ad47e388121f0771651fec0df91407f3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Astro f7cf04a7ad flake.nix: switch to stable rust 5 months ago
Astro 6f431574f6 flake.lock: Update 5 months ago
Astro 98f0a982bb beast: remove crc check 5 months ago
Astro 0732e95799 update deps 5 months ago
Astro 9a7737a5c5 Cargo.lock: update 5 months ago
Astro 5f8e80e25e flake.lock: Update 5 months ago
Astro 3cf6d131f8 Cargo.lock: update 6 months ago
Astro 9121c54e8d Cargo.toml: add branch to xmpp-rs git patch 6 months ago
Astro 5a9cf17c4f heliwatch/jabber: update to git xmpp-rs 6 months ago
Astro 5eb1c64bf0 flake.lock: Update 6 months ago
Astro dd8e033079 Cargo.lock: update 6 months ago
Astro 2315849168 flake.nix: restrict systems 6 months ago
Astro 7b4f31c8f9 http-json: add rssi 10 months ago
Astro 04f4332c4d beast: remove jitter buffer again 10 months ago
Astro 360ced4e7f beast: refuse invalid crc 10 months ago
Astro 1c1fe5cfe4 flake.lock: update 10 months ago
Astro a14fabb53c http-json: add fields squawk, seen, seen_pos 10 months ago
Astro 4fbe229eb0 beast: bump JITTER_WINDOW from 5 to 9 12 months ago
Astro 9e6aff71ae beast: switch from adsb to adsb_deku 12 months ago
Astro 5eef211c59 flake.nix: switch from mozillapkgs to fenix 12 months ago
Astro 41a57cd5f1 */src/main: exit on panic 1 year ago
Astro 633a418001 heliwatch: halve MAX_ALTITUDE to 5_000 ft 1 year ago
Astro aad1a91646 beast: increase JITTER_WINDOW 1 year ago
Astro 2cacdf4b82 beast: fix positions filter 1 year ago
Astro 03c9f8ac41 beast: filter out erroneous jitter 1 year ago
Astro cbb36494bf Revert "beast: constrain position messages by time interval" 1 year ago
Astro 64a508df25 neast: retain position once decoded 1 year ago
Astro 4e3504259a heliwatch: don't create needless new states 1 year ago
Astro f56244b7ef beast: constrain position messages by time interval 1 year ago
Astro c9e3581fe2 heliwatch: don't track aircrafts without altitude 1 year ago
Astro 71b534fe6e heliwatch: ignore big planes by emitter_category, lift MAX_ALTITUDE to 10_000 ft 1 year ago
Astro 3fbb5febfb flake.nix: move packages in overlay under key 1 year ago
Astro 9064f42df5 flake.nix: attempt at an overlay 1 year ago
Astro 66ff9f0c30 flake.nix: fix buildRustPackage targets 1 year ago
Astro 3455a8d579 flake.nix: fix buildRustPackage src 1 year ago
Astro c3b0b85828 Cargo.lock: update 1 year ago
Astro a60a4b45ac nixosModules.heliwatch: fix self 1 year ago
Astro bbe57ffa66 flake.nix: fix buildRustPackage src 1 year ago
Astro dda6953535 move the nixosModule to nixosModules.heliwatch 1 year ago
Astro 873f0b639f heliwatch: switch from json to beast 1 year ago
Astro afca212069 add beast, http-json, collectd-stats 1 year ago
Astro 1fb409758b turn into a cargo workspace 1 year ago
Astro c6b3f91bec flake.nix: remove pointless filterSource 1 year ago
Astro 505d6ef103 adsb: skip invalid entries 1 year ago
Astro 6ef9ebb046 main: fix Moved wording 1 year ago
Astro 19bc7765d7 aircrafts: Arc all the Strings 1 year ago
Astro 61bf30b4dd main: connect jabber after loading data 1 year ago
Astro ce25726600 aircrafts: mangle more data 1 year ago
Astro f782f1a810 adsb: emit Action::Ignored 1 year ago
Astro 1c6c4f1d9b main: update adsb url 1 year ago