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1735 Commits (bgp)

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Astro 8869681b28 remove yggdrasil 4 months ago
Astro c05f035b7b nixos-module/container/bird: mangle upstream names for bgp instances 4 months ago
Astro 71087403bc flake.lock: Update
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'nixpkgs':
    'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/333601f9a610632388e5613810f180babfbb7f53' (2022-12-20)
  → 'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/cdead16a444a3e5de7bc9b0af8e198b11bb01804' (2023-01-20)
• Updated input 'openwrt':
    'git+' (2022-12-19)
  → 'git+' (2023-01-20)
• Updated input 'openwrt-imagebuilder':
    'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/bbae09082e103ebaa726c2c3e9272f0ffc2626a0' (2023-01-11)
  → 'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/f9b70efd4254e905a700361e3052fc4860dda73c' (2023-01-20)
4 months ago
Astro e618d0caff replace ospf with bgp 4 months ago
Astro dfd033af25 ap62: update wifi psks 4 months ago
Astro 0a72811bbb serv: replace rc3ticker with oxigraph 4 months ago
Astro cd23dcbc9a ap62: wiggle priv45 wifi params 4 months ago
Astro 89bcddf5e2 serv: add luulaatsch-asterisk 4 months ago
Astro 418444853c nixos-module/{,container/}defaults: update to nix.settings 4 months ago
Astro d134e1018c serv: replace kibana with tmppleroma 4 months ago
Astro e442b21e47 ap37: add priv43 wifi psk 4 months ago
Astro c53321ea5d ap37: s/priv45/priv43/ 4 months ago
Astro 28b5fb280b ap37: add priv45 bridge 4 months ago
Astro a5d68cf467 ap37: add priv43 4 months ago
Astro 79afe62977 upstream4: disable NAT reflection for 80+443/tcp
enables us to rate-limit properly
5 months ago
Astro 7e3d4fa42a nixos-module/container/upstream: always turn on 5 months ago
Astro d8b90ca5ed nixos-module/container/bird: enable solicited ra unicast for radv 5 months ago
Astro de2635c331 pkgs/openwrt/default: don't use ath10k-ct firmware on ubnt_unifiac too 5 months ago
Astro c2820539bc flake.lock: Update
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'openwrt-imagebuilder':
    'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/a8f37dc63ba63e93538b61babce0e017bd47ad87' (2023-01-04)
  → 'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/bbae09082e103ebaa726c2c3e9272f0ffc2626a0' (2023-01-11)
5 months ago
Astro d666b3cb27 ap: replace ap39 with ap63 5 months ago
Astro b60a321a35 flake.lock: Update
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'openwrt-imagebuilder':
    'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/cfc545f1776d7886559abb5f362281dfb147883f' (2022-12-19)
  → 'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/a8f37dc63ba63e93538b61babce0e017bd47ad87' (2023-01-04)
5 months ago
Sandro - 7a872426e7
Cleanup 5 months ago
Sandro - 14bdeccb45
Add glotzbert 5 months ago
Astro b4a363e05d serv: add kibana ipv6 5 months ago
Astro ddb9cfca65 nixos-module/container/dnscache: fix 5 months ago
Astro d17bd51998 nixos-module/container/dnscache: fix 5 months ago
Astro 31bcdb92d2 nixos-module/container/dnscache: allow flpk ipv6 and yggdrasil 5 months ago
Astro 5041624b6c vpn: set allowedUpstreams to upstreams with less legal liability 5 months ago
Astro 1b3baa0fce nixos-module/container/dnscache: doc allowlist, add flpk 5 months ago
Sandro - 77da4c123e
Fix homepage generation 5 months ago
Sandro - 2c1158984d
Add accidentially deleted lines back 5 months ago
Sandro - a7a5069016
Move mailtngbert to correct subnet 5 months ago
Astro ab8bcc5960
serv: add rc3ticker 5 months ago
Sandro - 4d356a9fe6
Fix formatting 5 months ago
Sandro - dd7acc41f0
Add pulsebert 5 months ago
Sandro - f02f15a568
Fix eval 5 months ago
Sandro - 465e824add
Add link to nixpkgs PR 5 months ago
Sandro - 6a3d727adb
Add dacbert ip 5 months ago
Sandro - a510e60e4d
Add 5 months ago
Astro 0e1ccff6ab serv: add buzzrelay 5 months ago
Sandro - bd88928269
Remove mailtngbert from serv subnet 5 months ago
Astro 48949a9e44 nixos-module/container/upstream: allow smtp by ipv4 dest too 5 months ago
Astro a1f2e2a1d6 nixos-module/container/upstream: allow smtp from flpk too 5 months ago
Sandro - 5a3194b23c
Add flpk entry for mailtngbert 5 months ago
Sandro - 5018c8f8c2
Add mailtngbert 5 months ago
Astro 66b7479057 ap21: remove outdated prvi39 bridge
deploy to make this go away:
> [15321146.921496] priv4: received packet on ext-priv4 with own address as source address (addr:aa:90:4d:48:16:fc, vlan:0)
5 months ago
Astro 4f090527d4 upstream4: fix forwardPorts 5 months ago
Astro e926e053a1 upstream4: remove port forwarding for telnet is not fond of getting daily mails from BSI-Cert. Hence c3d2-web
moves to flpk IPs.
5 months ago
Astro d0994b7acc c3d2-web: move from serv to flpk 5 months ago
Astro 0497947f22 flake.lock: Update
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'openwrt-imagebuilder':
    'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/ceff07e297c470656ae8ea17c33a35e6bcf19c4d' (2022-12-15)
  → 'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/61d5a2a164b833837d0ac386afae3753806718d3' (2022-12-16)
5 months ago