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Access via repl:

lein repl  ## from somewhere within the `backend` directory
(require '[beherbergung.db.state :refer [db_ctx]])  ;; get a database context
(require '[clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]])

;; This example queries all offers
(pprint ((:q db_ctx) '{:find [(pull ?e [*])]
                       :where [[?e :xt/spec :beherbergung.model.offers/record]]}))

To learn more about the datalog query syntax, please use the XTDB language reference.

Web UI

If you are looking for a Web UI for inspecting the XTDB database, you may want use XTDB inspector.

It is a separate project and not bundled into beherbergung. To connect to your database, you will need to adjust dev-src/user.clj.