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This repository contains tools for NGOs, organizing private hosting.
## Import of existing datasets
- [x]
- [x]
- [x]
- [x] (public API)
## Transformation / Merging / Export
- [x] edn
- [x] json
- [x] csv
- [x] xlsx
## A secure / robust / scalable **backend**, usable by all NGOs
Every NGO can decide between self-hosting the backend or using a backend provided by us.
Implemented by reusing the technology stack of [swlkup](
## A frontend for authorized NGO members, to **search** the database
9 months ago
A website [based on reactdatagrid]( allows easy filtering and sorting of results. The usage of finding matches is much more convenient than working with a regular spreadsheet. Collaboration features will be available soon.
9 months ago
- [x] Alpha version is online
- [ ] Editable columns
- [ ] Map view / Location filter+sorting
## A customizable public form, to submit new offers
There is no need to use this component for NGOs happy with their existing solution. Instead they can use the [import function or an API adapter](#import-of-existing-datasets).
An optional new form was requested by:
- [ ] zentralwerk & goethe institut
- [ ] lifeline