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@ -18,12 +18,7 @@ This repository contains tools for NGOs, organizing private hosting.
Every NGO can decide between self-hosting the backend or using a backend provided by us.
- [ ] nixos server deployment
- [x] reproducible builds with nixpkgs
- [x] xtdb
- [x] graphql
Reuses the technology stack of [swlkup](
Implemented by reusing the technology stack of [swlkup](
## A frontend for authorized NGO members, to **search** the database
@ -31,6 +26,12 @@ A website written for this use case allows easy input of filters. The usage of f
- [ ] **Should be available this week** (work in progress)
Features to process an `hosting offer` dataset:
- [ ] note if host was `contacted` (by which `login`) + additional notes
- [ ] keep track if offer is `still free` / `occupied (till)` / `free again`
## A customizable public form, to submit new offers
There is no need to use this component for NGOs happy with their existing solution. Instead they can use the [import function or an API adapter](#import-of-existing-datasets).