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Christian Prochaska 3e8e55ec16 CPU affinity configuration fixes
- if no affinity was set for a new thread before calling
  Cpu_session::start(), the CPU session's affinity gets set for this
- documentation fix: <affinity_space> -> <affinity-space>

Fixes #873.
10 years ago
etc base-linux: add ARM support 10 years ago
include base: Add tracing support to CPU session interface 10 years ago
lib base: User-level tracing support 10 years ago
mk base-linux: add ARM support 10 years ago
run run: add success message to lx_hybrid_pthread_ipc 10 years ago
src CPU affinity configuration fixes 10 years ago
README Imported Genode release 11.11 12 years ago


This repository contains the Linux-specific implementation of Genode.