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Norman Feske eb4c6c0456 suggest verbatim prepare_port command
If ports need preparation in order to execute a run script, use the
knowledge about the actual genode directory to suggest a command to the
user that can be directly copied to the command line.
7 years ago
Christian Helmuth c53bbfa83c noux: remove unused binary from fork test 7 years ago
Norman Feske 9b0eb720b0 base: remove 'Native_utcb' from public API
Fixes #1905
7 years ago
Waylon Cude 28117fee12 Added rust support
Rust relies on atomic builtins, which are not implemented in libgcc for
ARM. One is implemented in rust, which is sufficient to get the
current rust test to run.

Issue #1899
7 years ago
Tomasz Gajewski 611a73be36 Fixed inconsistency in XML parser
Changed Xml_node::next() to treat text between nodes in the same
manner like Xml_node::_init_end_tag which counts number of subnodes.

Issue #1424
7 years ago
Tomasz Gajewski 4a0b63431f Extended test for XML node
Added function to print tokens.
Added test for text mixed with nodes.

Issue #1424
7 years ago
Norman Feske cf6f3f46f8 Test for the XML parser
Issue #1424
7 years ago
Norman Feske 9a3185f8ed base-linux: remove chroot support
Fixes #1903
7 years ago
Norman Feske 76db3b9c06 base: retire 'Native_config'
This commit moves the parameters of the stack area to the base-internal
header 'stack_area.h'.

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Josef Söntgen 2490e399dc ldso: check binary pointer before lookup
Check if the binary pointer is valid before attempting to lookup the
symbol. Shared objects with unresolved symbols and missing depencies,
e.g a library that references 'errno' but is not linked against libc,
will now produce an error message when they are loaded by the dynamic

Fixes #1904.
7 years ago
Emery Hemingway f46a504bb6 use Arg_string::set_arg_string to set session labels
Issue #1861
7 years ago
Emery Hemingway 110d71c2a8 input_merger: set source label with set_arg_string
Fixes #1861
7 years ago
Emery Hemingway 723d9e7784 util/arg_string.h: set_arg_string
Convenience function to set x="y" style arguments.

Issue #1861
7 years ago
Emery Hemingway 23c1d4c66d libc, vfs: rename improvements
Perform POSIX rename checks at the libc VFS plugin.
Clarify rename at VFS fs, ram, single, and tar file systems.

Issue #1900
Fixes #1782
7 years ago
Emery Hemingway d0735b1734 Move SQLite to genode-world
Fixes #1874
7 years ago
Christian Helmuth 688e86ab68 core: increase initial quota to 224K 7 years ago
Norman Feske 7f73e5e879 base: hide internals of the Thread API
This patch moves details about the stack allocation and organization
the base-internal headers. Thereby, I replaced the notion of "thread
contexts" by "stacks" as this term is much more intuitive. The fact that
we place thread-specific information at the bottom of the stack is not
worth introducing new terminology.

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske 3c686fc9c6 libports: fix warning in x86emu 7 years ago
Norman Feske 8132a16137 base-linux: make linux-specific headers private
The interfaces linux_cpu_session, local_capability, linux_dataspace,
linux_native_pd are mere implementation necessities. They are meant for the
internal use by the framework only. So it is appropriate to move them to

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske 6773d631b9 fiasco: remove thread_helper.h from public API
Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske 1a19ca5f7b base-fiasco/sel4: unified cancelable_lock.h
On seL4 and L4/Fiasco, we employ a simple yielding spinlock as lock
implementation. Consequently these base platforms used to have a
simplified header. However, since the regular cancelable_lock has all
the member variables needed to implement a spinlock, we can simply use
the generic header on those two platforms too, just leaving some other
parts of the generic header unused. So at API level, the difference is
not visible.

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske 3473955212 base-linux/nova: unify include/rm_session/client.h
By moving the stub implementation to, we can use
the generic base/include/rm_session/client.h for base-linux and
base-nova and merely use platform-specific implementations.

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske 6e7f7bdad4 base: move crt0.h and elf.h to base/internal
Those headers remained unused outside the internal framework. So it is
better to remove them from the public API.

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske 2e701f9afa base: update include guards
This patch cleans up the include guards, assisted by the
tool/fix_include_ifndef script.
7 years ago
Norman Feske 6de763cb0b base-okl4: remove unmaintained porting steps 7 years ago
Norman Feske e6729316ff base: uniform base-internal header structure
This patch establishes a common organization of header files
internal to the base framework. The internal headers are located at
'<repository>/src/include/base/internal/'. This structure has been
choosen to make the nature of those headers immediately clear when

  #include <base/internal/lock_helper.h>

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske be496c6dc1 base: remove kernel-specific base/sleep.h
With this patch, the platform differences reside solely in the
implementation of the base library.

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske 62b1c55399 Integrate CAP session into PD session
This patch integrates the functionality of the former CAP session into
the PD session and unifies the approch of supplementing the generic PD
session with kernel-specific functionality. The latter is achieved by
the new 'Native_pd' interface. The kernel-specific interface can be
obtained via the Pd_session::native_pd accessor function. The
kernel-specific interfaces are named Nova_native_pd, Foc_native_pd, and

The latter change allowed for to deduplication of the
pd_session_component code among the various base platforms.

To retain API compatibility, we keep the 'Cap_session' and
'Cap_connection' around. But those classes have become mere wrappers
around the PD session interface.

Issue #1841
7 years ago
Norman Feske b1910cdd54 Integrate SIGNAL session into PD session
This patch removes the SIGNAL service from core and moves its
functionality to the PD session. Furthermore, it unifies the PD service
implementation and terminology across the various base platforms.

Issue #1841
7 years ago
Norman Feske 705ac74498 CLI monitor: remove unused GDB command
This patch removes the support for executing subsystems of CLI monitor
within the GDB monitor. There are multiple reasons: First, the feature
remained unused for multiple years. Second, it relied on the base/elf.h
header to determine whether the started binary is dynamically or
statically linked. This header, however, is going to be removed from the
Genode API. Third, the feature will eventually break with the upcoming
changes of how components are bootstrapped. Finally, there is the plan
to turn CLI monitor into a sole front end of a dynamically configurable
init component. Once we pursue this plan, we'd need to reconsider the
GDB support anyway.

Issue #1832
7 years ago
Norman Feske 5d559a0699 Move util/volatile_object.h from os to base 7 years ago
Alexander Boettcher 079484c5d0 Use base-hw as x86 target for noux_tool_chain_auto
The commit avoids the need to have contrib sources of the kernel
available for this run script. We actually just want to build core and
not the kernel itself, which is always required after recent changes in
the ports tool.
7 years ago
Christian Helmuth 0d6dc46bbb sel4: use O3 optimization level
This is the default optimization level in the original seL4 SDK. By
adapting to O3, we work around a bug [1] in version 2.1.0 that only
shows on low optimization levels.

7 years ago
Christian Helmuth 958bf4d903 run: successful-boot detection string for sel4 7 years ago
Martin Stein ff10687a6c toolchain: report missing ports at once
Previously, ports that were needed for a scenario and that were not
prepared or outdated, triggered one assertion each during the second
build stage. The commit slots a mechanism in ahead that gathers all
these ports during the first build stage and reports them in form of a
list before the second build stage is entered.  This list can be used
directly as argument for tool/ports/prepare_port to prepare respectively
update the ports. If, however, this mechanism is not available, for
example because a target is build without the first build stage, the old
assertion still prevents the target from running into troubles with a
missing port.

Fixes #1872
7 years ago
Martin Stein 992a5ec1ae prepare_port: prefix git clone output
To raise readability when preparing multiple ports in parallel we prefix
also the git clone output with the port name dark-yellow-coloured. To
achieve this we sed the git output. In sed \x1b[ resolves to an escape
sequence and \033[, that we use normally, doesn't. The echo command, at
the other hand, resolves both to an escape sequence. Thus we use the
sed-compatible version in general. This commit inhibits the progress
output of git clone as it can't be redirected to sed.

Ref #1872
7 years ago
Martin Stein b039608e95 prepare_port: prepare multiple ports at once
The tool/prepare_port tool is now able to handle a list of ports that
shall be prepared. Additionally, one may state the number of ports that
shall be prepared in parallel at a max by using the -j parameter. If -j
is not set by the user, the tool acts as with -j1. The previous
implementation of the tool that prepares only a single port was moved to
tool/ports/mk/ and acts as back end to the new
prepare_port tool. The interface of the new prepare_port tool is
backwards compatible. When called for one port only, the behavior is the
same as when calling tool/ports/mk/ directly.

Removes "usage" rule from Removes shebang line

Ref #1872
7 years ago
Emery Hemingway 74342ca2fc lib/lwip: fix import description
The REP_DIR variable does not remain consistent when importing from
other repositories.

Fixes #1888
7 years ago
Igor Podkopaev b9263a7f4e ahci: routing policies based on device serial/model
Fixes #1882
7 years ago
Christian Helmuth c17069b35e ports: update hash of gcc (with risc-v patches) 7 years ago
Christian Prochaska b4c49a4bf0 doc: minor fixes for the release notes 16.02 7 years ago
Norman Feske 37459d833b doc: fix git repo in release notes 16.02
Thanks to Menno Valkema for reporting.
7 years ago
Christian Helmuth 307e2eefa6 version: 16.02 7 years ago
Norman Feske 5a27a9f0a6 Release notes for version 16.02 7 years ago
Norman Feske 75b0880255 News item for Genode 16.02 7 years ago
Norman Feske 55506f432e window layouter: small documentation fix 7 years ago
Alexander Boettcher b767391d34 doc: remove obsolete challenges 7 years ago
Alexander Boettcher e5eb1000c7 nova: remove obsolete parts of documentation 7 years ago
Christian Helmuth 9b69c93736 doc: update README, components.txt 7 years ago
Christian Helmuth 66006a0313 libc: provide more net-specific header files 7 years ago