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Daniel Borchmann 185f1d75f3
Reduce configuration done in `early-init.el`
As per the documentation (see "(elisp)Startup Summary"), only variable
customization that affect package initialization should go into the early init
file.  Defining package archives is explicitly mentioned as something that still
may go into the main init file.  So we move it there and adjust comments
2021-03-28 19:55:59 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann ae77ece055
Do not disable package initialization on startup
This is some relic from former configurations, and might have been wrong quite
some time now.  However, in Emacs 27+, package initialization is done before
loading user-init-file, and thus we don't have to do it by hand.  Before that,
package initialization was done after reading user-init-file, but before calling
after-init-hook, and since we needed to load some packages in the init file, we
had to initialize package.el ourselves.
2020-08-27 15:22:00 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann ed7266bd65
Move package initialization to early-init.el
This is done in preparation for using Emacs 27.1, which sources this file
automatically before package activation.
2020-08-15 16:50:40 +02:00