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Daniel Borchmann 85a963e6ae
Update configuration of stuck projects to exclude TEMPLATE items 2022-03-27 10:00:26 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann ce9fa34c1a
Include items in WIP list that are scheduled today or in the past
This way, the WIP list faithfully shows all WIP items and gives a better
overview of the current work load.  Items will appear twice though when they are
scheduled today or in the past.
2022-03-27 09:44:35 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann d025283c24
Experimentally introduce TEMPLATE tag
This should allow to have TODO subtasks in templates without them appearing in
agenda views, among others.

Tried to update some agenda views, but some configurations may still be missing.
2022-03-27 09:41:51 +02:00
Daniel Borchmann 0db003d442
Try fixing adding note in headline update function
Let's not try to use the Org mode functions to add notes, but instead do it
directly manually.  I hope this works better now …
2022-03-24 20:16:50 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 470a4c2ebf
Do not save bookmarks while using Org capture
I do not use those.
2022-03-19 20:09:06 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 800e4ed4d1
Try initializing the Gnus registry earlier
Somethings restarting Gnus results in many error messages whether the
`gnus-registry` seems to be nil.  Maybe initializing the registry earlier helps?
2022-03-18 17:05:54 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 844b0baf0f
Fix markup in init.el commentary
Use - instead of * for itemize, as otherwise the individual items are confused
with headlines.
2022-03-18 17:05:23 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 5ad6429442
Do not use notmuch for nnmaildir searches anymore
Not needed anymore, as the underlying file layout has changed.
2022-03-14 19:25:06 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 6eb3e4e943
Do not automatically add ATTACH tag
I do not need this tag and it might confuse me.
2022-03-11 11:46:56 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 43fb995ba4
Store link to recently attached files
This allows to insert those links directly into the buffer afterwards.  Might
come in handy when inserting screenshots on Windows.
2022-03-11 11:40:36 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 558330f42c
Exclude done periodic projects from agenda view 2022-03-09 16:21:25 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 9d7e88df0e
Ensure functioning of Org Clock hydra even if no task is clocked
It happens sometimes that the clock is not active, in which case hydra tried to
replace strings in `org-clock-current-task`, then a nil value.  Fixed this.
2022-02-26 10:16:13 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann c35956c2dd
Fix false filter in Next Action List 2022-02-25 17:13:25 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 9221f0f8af
Don't let TRAMP use auth-sources when completing input
This is unnecessary and potentially annoying.
2022-02-23 18:10:17 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann b3202085c3
Simplify dired ls switches
This should also work on busybox now.
2022-02-23 18:09:56 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 5234ddd0a3
Do not show scheduled items in WIP or NEXT list
When things are scheduled, they are shown in the time grid portion of the
agenda.  When they are scheduled in the future, they will not show up until that
date is due; when they are scheduled in the past or present, they are shown on
the time grid directly.  Both situations are sufficient, and it's thus not
necessary to show scheduled items in other lists as well.
2022-02-23 16:51:45 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 695b3396dd
Extend WIP list with started dates and remove future items
Started dates are also WIP, in particular if they have been interrupted.  Items
scheduled in the future should only appear on the WIP list when they are due.
2022-02-07 17:10:17 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 83421c072a
Remove trailing whitespace after HTML rendering a file
Those whitespaces are neither necessary nor helpful.
2022-02-06 20:57:36 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 0a76969a95
Automatically expire elements in Gnus groups via gnus handler
So I don't have to do it manually.

Not sure whether this works, though.
2022-02-06 20:56:46 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 940c4b04a8
Remove explicit initialization of gnus-demon
This is automatically done by `gnus-demon-add-handler`.
2022-02-06 20:56:19 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 5178d039f4
Experimentally add a WIP list
I regularly filter the main agenda view for the CONT tag to see my WIP items, so
it's propably meaningful to have this as extra list.  It's using some space in
the agenda view, though, so let's see how this will turn out.
2022-02-06 14:19:45 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 90223e3ab0
Do not export diary by default
This had been used to synchronize my calender with others, but since this
synchronization is not in use anymore, regular exports are unnecessary.
Furthermore, the export makes Emacs unresponsive sometimes, as the export does
not seem to be easily preemtable.
2022-02-06 10:11:28 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 2b02da2eca
Do not filter short kill ring entries in helm selection
I sometime kill single characters for usage in query-replace, and not having
them available in the kill ring is hampering.
2022-01-30 21:06:43 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann dccac3982f
Do not highlight LaTeX related syntax by default
Enabling this somehow caused performance issues in Org Mode buffers, and since I
am not using this syntax, let's just disable it.  This setting can be
overwritten via the Customize interface.
2022-01-29 15:37:56 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 50362f4d27
Allow to ignore stuck projects that are scheduled in the future
This allows to postpone projects into the future when they are not relevant now
but would otherwise be stuck.  Because of the scheduling, an automatic reminder
will appear on the agenda when the date is due, upon which the projects is shown
again as stuck.  Then new items can be planned, or other measure might be taken.
2022-01-23 09:34:18 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann efb7500202
Add original value as default when changing Org item headlines
This allows to make simple changes to the original headline of an item.
2022-01-08 15:42:40 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann d23a8dc817
Fix adding notes when updating headlines
I think I just did it wrong, so let's try adding a note by calling
`org-add-note` directly.  So far it's working better, but I am not quite sure
whether I really did it right this time.  In any way, `org-add-note` keeps track
of all the bookkeeping for taking notes, so my code is simpler now :)
2022-01-08 09:11:02 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 4a5b363ead
Show items in main agenda view that are not scheduled in the future
This should make the main agenda view into a good overview of everything that
can be done right now, allowing it to choose the next task directly from that
list.  The scheduled items then are only meant for information and hiding future
2022-01-02 14:22:35 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 407f5d70f2
Add newlines when inserting templates
I find myself inserting these newlines whenever I insert a template, so let's
let them insert them automatically.
2022-01-02 09:31:29 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 1fa15e6736
Clean up local Emacs notes
They should go somewhere else, but until then it's better to keep them clean.
2021-12-26 11:29:54 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 4ae5bc87dd
Reduce Gnus registry size
I had ≈9500 entries and I think this had been too much, causing noticable lag
when closing Groupd.  In particular my email volume is much lower than this.
2021-12-15 09:46:01 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 5bc7c70882
Add function to copy template of Org Mode item to location at point
This is a convenience function and has been bound to a shortcut for easier
usage.  This function is supposed to be the standard way to copy templates.
2021-12-15 09:43:50 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 092cbd653d
Ignore SOMEWHEN items on waiting-for list
They are shown in the dedicated SOMEWHEN list, where they belong.
2021-12-14 19:34:34 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann ded3e93e78
Add some missing autoload statements 2021-12-13 21:36:04 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 80eeca1e44
Add simple function to find template via special property
This allows both a more fine-grained and more flexible control over where
templates can be located and which templates are suppoed to be used for the item
at point.  This function could also be bound to a custom key binding to make it
easier to invoke.
2021-12-13 21:32:05 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann eafebe1cb9
Add simple function to directly render html from a file
This is simpler than opening the file in a buffer and calling shr-render-buffer,
with some buffer maneuvring afterwards.
2021-12-13 21:17:45 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann cedaae00e8
Make template copy function more robust
Instead of going upward from the end, we now just start from the beginning and
skip all drawers we may encounter.  This should also allow to copy subtrees in
templates, although adjustments to the headline indentations might be necessary
if the template and point are on different levels.
2021-12-13 21:17:18 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 159c8c0eb6
First check for major mode when update Org item headline 2021-11-29 17:39:33 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 5c36dba12c
Make function to update Org item headlines also work in agenda 2021-11-29 17:39:27 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 25a7051c12
Add function to update headline of Org mode item and log note
This allows changing the headline of an item if it's scope changes and record
this change in a note.
2021-11-29 17:16:25 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann d5d6c9ecb2
Try out special behavior of C-a and C-e in Org mode
Learned about this via [1].  Sound interesting!

2021-11-28 14:41:39 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 901d557c0b
Add backlog overview over all next items, regardless of schedule
This is primarily to be used in the weekly review to check all next items for
still being relevant, but can of course be used for other purposes as well.
2021-11-22 17:24:34 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 56693defa3
Temporarily disable moody modeline
Apparently, this causes a considerable lag when drawing buffers (determined by
experimentation).  It's not clear to me whether really moody is the cause of
this issue here, or some subtle side effect.
2021-11-08 19:15:12 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 6064f0e4b3
Add more test cases for base45 decoder 2021-11-07 10:04:16 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann b072e32988
Add more test cases for base45 decoder function 2021-11-07 09:10:09 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 24bb768e3d
Simplify character conversion in base45-decode-string
This actually renders the separate translation function obsolete, it has been
inlined now.
2021-11-07 08:56:06 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann f1c3af9ea7
Add some regression tests for base45 decoder 2021-11-07 08:41:00 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann f52f48273a
Allow input of base45 decoder to also contain lower-case letters 2021-11-07 08:40:30 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann 0edfe4406c
Enable dash fontification and symbol lookup
As suggested by the dash README.
2021-11-07 07:05:24 +01:00
Daniel Borchmann e15be73bc1
Fix insertion of text from hex numbers
Using `insert` directly makes use of character conversion and may scramble the
byte when inserting into the buffer (indeed, `insert` does not seem to insert
the byte, but the characters whose code-points is given in the string; same for
2021-11-06 17:49:49 +01:00