8 Commits (1916eb67362f2af8e62a38aef122441fc314dee3)

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Daniel 9e84ba5251
Ensure sandbox link to local .emacs.d directory is created properly 1 year ago
Daniel 0cf2ba7d1e
Add compile and test targets to phony list 1 year ago
Daniel d36bebec90
Mark phony targets in Makefile as such 1 year ago
Daniel 6fa623d9d7
Add simple makefile target to start a sandbox version of Emacs 1 year ago
Daniel 439c4ff1e5
Add simple target for removing all locally installed packages 1 year ago
Daniel a9c3fbe3ba
Include all tests when checking personal packages 2 years ago
Daniel ee4f543a8c
Require building all elisp files when testing the code 2 years ago
Daniel 7085e3ff65
Add Makefile for static analysis and automatic testing 2 years ago