Ensure sandbox link to local .emacs.d directory is created properly

If `sandbox/.emacs.d` already exists, calling `ln` again seems to create links
within this directory.  Ensure that this does not happen anymore by deleting the
link first if it already exists.  Also add `-T` to `ln` to ensure its arguments
are interpreted properly.

They day I understand argument interpretation in `ln` will be a good day …
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Daniel - 2020-11-21 12:12:38 +01:00
parent 0cf2ba7d1e
commit 9e84ba5251
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@ -26,7 +26,8 @@ distclean: clean
mkdir -p sandbox
ln -s $(PWD) sandbox/.emacs.d
rm -f sandbox/.emacs.d
ln -sT $(PWD) sandbox/.emacs.d
HOME=$(PWD)/sandbox emacs
timelinetools-test.elc: timeline-tools.elc