108 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Astro 22ecb2b375 Cargo.lock: update 1 month ago
Astro cb010cbbf3 flake.lock: Update 1 month ago
Astro cee130ffb5 css: shrink month names to fit the box 2 months ago
Astro 7bf48f1729 Cargo.lock: update 2 months ago
Astro f85efe586d flake.lock: Update 2 months ago
Astro ee9372c38d flake.nix: pin naersk due to build regression 3 months ago
Astro 556fbdc2c5 flake.nix: derive package version from inputs.self.lastModifiedDate 3 months ago
Astro 02120ecdfa rrule: 0.7.3 -> 0.10.0 3 months ago
Astro 9c3704415d flake.lock: Update 3 months ago
Astro 45a042b973 ticker-serve: make dtstart a <time> to fix microdata 3 months ago
Astro c65819b2d6 Cargo.lock: update 3 months ago
Astro 67f92cb81f flake.lock: Update 3 months ago
Astro 58006d51a4 ticker-serve: date style 5 months ago
Astro 950b190f77 ticker-serve: add timezone info 5 months ago
Astro b618d1dd05 add microdata 5 months ago
Astro 119e221856 ticker-serve: delint template syntax 5 months ago
Astro f5547cfbe6 Cargo.lock: update 5 months ago
Astro b9b03fe2aa flake.lock: Update 5 months ago
Astro f41172d3c5 typed-html: bump 6 months ago
Astro 56b8c193ad naerskify 6 months ago
Astro a8d23455bd Cargo.lock: update 6 months ago
Astro 22d6fdcefb flake.lock: Update 6 months ago
Astro b2f2b53429 update dependencies 7 months ago
Astro b0eed0dc4b ticker-serve: make upcoming_days configurable 9 months ago
Astro ea7ad34b9b README: update TODO 9 months ago
Astro ac7ba66bb3 update dependencies 9 months ago
Astro 6a4c1f3488 Cargo.lock: update 10 months ago
Astro b3e7dc2aa8 Cargo.lock: update 1 year ago
Astro 30babcddc5 schema.sql: add missing events.recurrence column 1 year ago
Astro 853656208d ics: fix Utc to Local timezone conversion 1 year ago
Astro 26be1853ce update dependencies 1 year ago
Astro d6f4673b49 ics: treat times ending with 'Z' as UTC 1 year ago
Astro 483bc35e67 ticker-update: fix zone of recurring events 2 years ago
Astro e65e7a052b update dependencies 2 years ago
Astro 3aef06aa95 ticker-update: restrict event serialization to keys that are relevant to rrule 2 years ago
Astro 1407c5f47a ticker-update: feed serialized event to rrule 2 years ago
Astro 6f95611155 ticker-update: feed EXDATE/EXRULE/RDATE to rrule 2 years ago
Astro 7453b01191 ics: implement support for multiple values per key 2 years ago
Astro 553ccc6ad7 nixos-module: make ticker a system user 2 years ago
Astro a04ca83707 ticker-serve style: add a gradient background 2 years ago
Astro 0451d9a56f itcker-serve style: more precise margins 2 years ago
Astro 6d371efc45 update 2 years ago
Astro 354d74d4d9 add recurrence flag 2 years ago
Astro 351f0e057b fix RRULE 2 years ago
Astro d6370aa55d ticker-update: use rrule 2 years ago
Astro ba5b4de68d ics: refactor into Timestamp::from_str() 2 years ago
Astro 1c47540a65 shell.nix: add rust-analyzer for lsp 2 years ago
Astro 96110d3713 update dependencies 2 years ago
Astro 449cac3176 flake.nix: add hydraJobs 2 years ago
Astro 5007b929ae update dependencies 2 years ago