31 Commits (master)

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  Emery Hemingway 6882367df8 Consolidate yggdrasil to c3d2.hq.yggdrasil.enableGateway 1 month ago
  Emery Hemingway 35d7ff5e9f Pulsebert: add k-ot to wheel group 2 months ago
  k-ot 02e64a8f80 Remove lib/mpd.nix, configure pulsebert directly 3 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 9e91b7c21e Move user configuration into c3d2 module 4 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 6033155062 Move mpd-index to Server7, c3d2.hq.enableMpdProxy 4 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 654f2ecf1f Move hail into the c3d2 module 4 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 80fa2d745f Pulsebert: run ncmpcpp on tty0 4 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 9d43c8617e Add emery user to pulsebert 4 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 0ec4127225 Use options.c3d2 at hydra, pulsebert, storage-ng 6 months ago
  Astro 8908172562 lib/yggdrasil: use yggdrasil from <nixpkgs-master> 6 months ago
  Astro b649d9c6b6 pulsebert: build without yggdrasil for now 6 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 239de4b010 Enable hail service for pulsebert and glotzbert 6 months ago
  Emery Hemingway 6f8d9f7c97 Merge common.nix and c3d2.nix to hq.nix 6 months ago
  Emery Hemingway e04eaf5a9b Add lib/yggdrasil.nix 8 months ago
  sand20 d1acea4a46 Add mpv --no-vid alias (#3) 8 months ago
  Emery Hemingway cf4ef255c6 MOTD 9 months ago
  ehmry 3d149702ed Move generic MPD satellite config to /mpd.nix 11 months ago
  ehmry 7e5fa1bdfd Partial deduplication of pulsebert config 11 months ago
  Markus Schmidl 9b0132df80
hosts/pulsebert: add package ncpamixer 11 months ago
  Astro 7abcc676b7 pulsebert: use linux 4.19 1 year ago
  Astro 891a808415 pulsebert: add shairport support 1 year ago
  Astro 9bd5208c2f factor out into lib/admins.nix 1 year ago
  Astro 098be6aba0 pulsebert: update ympd sha256 hash 1 year ago
  Astro 52792901bd pulsebert: use strfry's ympd branch 1 year ago
  Astro 96e19766a7 pulsebert mpd: fix using mpd database from 1 year ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 37823b1fb6 enable network printing on pulsebert 1 year ago
  Astro ffd0e8720a pulsebert: let caddy accept any vhost, redirect to https://mpd.hq.c3d2.de 1 year ago
  strfry 9627ebe6d3 pulsebert modifications by strfry 1 year ago
  Astro 4b00bcaced pulsebert: unfirewall 443/tcp for ympd 1 year ago
  Astro a5fa3a45f4 pulsebert: https the ympd 1 year ago
  Astro d17f0a87f0 merge nix/ and hosts/ 1 year ago
  Stefan Majewsky 9d8232f7f7 Pulsebert: configure MPD, enable YMPD web UI 1 year ago
  Stefan Majewsky 5db3a5809d enable MPD on pulsebert 1 year ago
  Stefan Majewsky bd2d0ac3d9 pulsebert: make audio work 1 year ago
  Stefan Majewsky 1d88051b72 initial pulsebert config 1 year ago