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Astro 3f45c026df glotzbert: add kernel module for hwmon2 3 hours ago
astro 689e951945 Merge pull request 'fixing commit mesg && adding new config' (#92) from leon/nix-config:master into master 6 hours ago
leon e011ff965b fixing commit mesg && adding new config 6 hours ago
sandro 734a977835
Disable boehmgc tests 1 day ago
sandro eb21d0bbb3
hydra: add ldap login 1 day ago
Astro c2337cce40 .sops.yaml: add forgotten hosts/dacbert/ path_regex 2 days ago
sandro 3992f966f3 flake.lock: Update 2 days ago
revol-xut e0a3393290
adding flake back 2 days ago
sandro 58c4f8bec5
Restrict secrets 3 days ago
sandro 2a0920904b
Fix hydra builder 3 days ago
sandro 870f91a3d1
Don't hardcode auth ip 3 days ago
Astro 92dc5ba222 dacbert: add stream-audio-to-owncast 3 days ago
sandro 52161e0aa1
backup: compress postgres dumps 3 days ago
sandro 59c122b82c
Delete old comments 3 days ago
sandro fff8967826
allcolors: fix eval 3 days ago
Astro 875145884c server10: disable microvm-update@staging-data-hoarder.timer for now 3 days ago
Astro 1ef51c1d32 modules/cluster/deployment: make microvm.hypervisor configurable 3 days ago
sandro cc63c41ba0
Fix simd jobs 3 days ago
sandro 65107fc07e
Fix eval 4 days ago
sandro 93c283f235
Fix eval 4 days ago
sandro b467bb4e74
Generate simd variants of each host, delete unused module 4 days ago
sandro 6b8d8541c6
Deadnix, statix, other cleanups 4 days ago
sandro 32dd3e9d8a
overlays cleanup, remove package updates that are in stable by now 4 days ago
sandro 695e095d44
Format, move overlay to overlays to match ~/.config/nixpkgs/overlays/ 4 days ago
sandro a9590e3242
hydra: unify localhost machine 4 days ago
sandro dcaecc7229
Move flake packages into its own file 4 days ago
sandro f5e671befb
Do not generate jobs for tftproot if it is known to fail 4 days ago
sandro e16bd28785
Convert nix settings 4 days ago
sandro c4241c25ab
Sort 4 days ago
sandro f97b96387d
Cleanup unused variable, remove global with lib 4 days ago
sandro dc16c9d4b8
Remove merged armv6 fix branch 4 days ago
sandro f664a189fd
Cleanup overlays, remove 22.11 todos 4 days ago
Astro 5d7005342e README: more skyflake 5 days ago
Astro 70377149b2 README: more skyflake 5 days ago
sandro 2621bd671f
web: add mastodon webfinger 6 days ago
sandro 9873b56a29
sandro 759df9e927
Add certificate 6 days ago
Astro 67a8de43f1 mastodon: revert broken custom theme 6 days ago
Astro 308dd5bd22 mastodon: remove packs to regenerate shit 6 days ago
Astro 486c2a3720 mastodon: also copy's mascot.scss 6 days ago
Astro 3e6c35086c mastodon: install theme 6 days ago
Astro 83b37db967 mastodon: attempt smtp configuration 6 days ago
sandro 202942d9d0
Add for frontend 1 week ago
sandro 0c3cdd016f
Switch to nixpkgs stable fork for cherry-picked fixes 1 week ago
Astro 263068fc32 mastodon: add collectd monitoring of sidekiq and postgresql 1 week ago
Astro 14d2855366 mastodon: more cpu 1 week ago
Astro 72d537b742 mastodon: move from serv to flpk 1 week ago
Astro fcda09f7c4 flake.lock: Update 1 week ago
Astro 6ce8454fd9 README: doc skyflake deployment 1 week ago
Astro 877d9f04c7 mastodon: bump mem from 4G to 8G 1 week ago