253 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Astro a255f545e3 server7: fix the bridge 8 hours ago
  Astro 0059e75b0b server7/samba: move around 8 hours ago
  Astro b3112f6ea5 server7/samba: use DHCP 8 hours ago
  Astro 057529f14f server7/samba: fix guest account 8 hours ago
  Astro e1ed8caa85 server7: move samba from storage to samba container 9 hours ago
  Astro 3f1934c2b3 server7/containers: add samba 9 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 9d4376600a Make storage writeable 9 hours ago
  Astro b2f5af9abe server7/storage: enable nginx webdav 9 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway babf880949 Remove storage-ng 9 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 2d2aac6df0 Enable SFTP on storage 9 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway aee7e8651c Mover storage-ng to server7/storage 12 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway a4fefb7251 Move samba to server7 12 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 5a39119e2e Move nfs from storage-ng to server7 12 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway c96d71e06a Server7/ncdc: colllect statistics 13 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 83c0090ab9 Ban root passwords from HQ 13 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway ed3670aeba Move ncdc from storage-ng to server7 16 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 9e91b7c21e Move user configuration into c3d2 module 15 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 6033155062 Move mpd-index to Server7, c3d2.hq.enableMpdProxy 17 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway d17a7e01e9 Server7: define container options within per-container configs 18 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway a203683694 Remove hydra cache, add enableBinaryCache to hq module 18 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 76145d112d Server7: mount cephfs at /srv/ceph 18 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 27df1c21ba Add ehmry to storage-ng 18 hours ago
  Emery Hemingway 65bff74538 Server7: stop building with other hydra, new nix-serve keys 2 days ago
  Emery Hemingway c03a6ea7c0 Glotzbert: remove memtest 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway 84e7a38024 Hail fixup 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway 0878859b17 Hydra: disable firewall 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway 275e1696ae Pulsebert ncmpcpp on tty1 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway f761c4a5d1 Glotzbert: remove broadcom firmware 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway 5d0b0cd997 Hail: use static address for hydra where available 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway 9f2af93778 Add glotzbert to host registry, add static IPv6 address 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway 39cef2da1d Move mpd console to tty9, run as k-ot 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway 654f2ecf1f Move hail into the c3d2 module 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway bf82f00f27 Add more hosts to registry 6 days ago
  Emery Hemingway b60c3cc13b Server7: build on localhost and hydra 1 week ago
  Emery Hemingway 9675463d96 Server7: remove Tox bootstrap container 1 week ago
  Emery Hemingway 80fa2d745f Pulsebert: run ncmpcpp on tty0 1 week ago
  Emery Hemingway f82f1ab323 Hydra: remove localhost from nix build machines 1 week ago
  Emery Hemingway 9d43c8617e Add emery user to pulsebert 1 week ago
  winzlieb 6f8097293c Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gitea.c3d2.de:2222/C3D2/nix-config 1 week ago
  winzlieb c16ec07fb5 fixed zhs to zsh 1 week ago
  Emery Hemingway 5d2c1b64e3 Server7: remove distributed builds to hydra.hq 1 week ago
  winzlieb 79b7d5c662 Add windsleep shell to hydra and server7 1 week ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner e2fde98b71 add docker 2 weeks ago
  Emery Hemingway 591ad485d7 Add Laptops / Desktops to README 3 weeks ago
  Emery Hemingway 7d92e8cae9 hydra: create TUN device when starting yggdrasil 1 month ago
  Astro 3c49f9b3bd hydra: add blanket allowed-uris to ease fetching and building 1 month ago
  Astro 7a80aedadc server7: rm conflicting nix.maxJobs 1 month ago
  Astro 05ce0e78d0 hydra, server7: increase maxJobs from 4 to 10 1 month ago
  Astro 2e2fa3b8f1 lxc: progress, nixcloud-webservices 1 month ago
  Emery Hemingway 2e8ca6c52f hosts/storage-ng: linting 1 month ago