374 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Emery Hemingway a3db001870 hosts/containers/dhcp: make dhcp server authoritative 1 week ago
  Astro cee19e7e3e spaceapi: disable firewall 2 weeks ago
  Astro 1fe0da3080 pulsebert: deploy with krops 3 weeks ago
  Astro eafa584ee8 pulsebert: remove broken services 3 weeks ago
  Astro 73e129f72a pulsebert: don't let journald write to fs 3 weeks ago
  Astro 48c5920708 krops: add glotzbert 3 weeks ago
  Astro a376aaad01 glotzbert: setup 3 weeks ago
  Astro f8e232b2e4 add new pulsebert 3 weeks ago
  Astro 7cd1def1d6 secrets: update 3 weeks ago
  Astro 611dabf653 server7: move yggaddr.nix out to shared lib/ directory 3 weeks ago
  Astro 03a7ab421e rename pulsebert to glotzbert 3 weeks ago
  Emery Hemingway 0a196b0d80 server7: serve nix-serve on yggdrasil 1 month ago
  Emery Hemingway 6ac2a2c6d4 Add static IPv4 to storage.hq 1 month ago
  Astro 30b5584555 scrape: DRY 1 month ago
  Astro 39562676b2 scrape: add freifunk node 1099 1 month ago
  Astro 9de52f1c4f freifunk: forward port 53 1 month ago
  Astro e5c1afdb6c dnscache: allow query by freifunk range 1 month ago
  Astro c45a087dfd freifunk: update to accommodate sysinfo changes in ffdd-server.git 1 month ago
  Astro e967ee77cb dn42: fix tun interfaces 1 month ago
  Astro c251ad57c0 secrets: update 1 month ago
  Astro 97557e3a66 secrets: update 1 month ago
  Astro 9e211c4a47 secrets: update 1 month ago
  Astro 8a97a1c08a dn42: DRY address6 1 month ago
  Astro 243406e499 dn42: remove obsolete quagga pkg 1 month ago
  Astro d6842d607f update grafana influxdb address 1 month ago
  Astro ef2f20658c kibana: tidy proxy url 1 month ago
  Astro d69eee2b75 containers/kibana: init 1 month ago
  Astro 672c8e5b13 public-access-proxy: add kibana.hq.c3d2.de 1 month ago
  Astro c3beabc363 public-access-proxy: fix addresses 1 month ago
  Astro 449ec34f0f hq.nixops: update public-access-proxy address 1 month ago
  Astro f80c07aaa3 public-access-proxy: move to serv subnet 1 month ago
  Astro d90d5f428d grafana: close signup 1 month ago
  Astro 505ba04178 lxc-container: don;t useDHCP by default 1 month ago
  Astro a2f05a1699 public-access-proxy: add grafana, kibana 1 month ago
  Astro 5b6c6a880b hq.nixops: update grafana address 1 month ago
  Astro ab38d328b7 grafana: switch to serv subnet 1 month ago
  Astro dcaa765651 grafana: switch to serv subnet 1 month ago
  Astro 412bd84abd spaceapi: rm default-gateway.nix 1 month ago
  Astro 95b8272413 static ipv4 configuration for containers in the serv subnet 1 month ago
  Emery Hemingway 61f134d91f server7: disable radvd default route 1 month ago
  Astro f60b14a9f7 secrets: update 2 months ago
  Astro f3ae530506 scrape: add freifunk node 1891 2 months ago
  Astro aae6da4299 scrape: update freifunk node 2 months ago
  Emery Hemingway a9a865116a Update flake 2 months ago
  Astro fa3e90f23f dn42: fix command syntax 2 months ago
  Astro 2a039a3b3c dn42: fix wireguard pointopoint route 2 months ago
  Astro 07779f2ff8 dn42: fix wireguard pointopoint route 2 months ago
  Astro b28eb471f8 dn42: fix wireguard pointopoint routes 2 months ago
  Astro 5e34762669 dn42: set wireguard.allowedIPsAsRoutes=false 2 months ago
  Astro b3fc096343 secrets: update 2 months ago