1059 Commits (90c9c9dd13ec5fe0ad1d1e7f09c84d7d9f209529)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Astro 90c9c9dd13 nixos-module/container/dns: set notify-source for zone xfer 4 months ago
  Astro 27571cff72 nixos-module/container/dns, pkgs/dns-slaves: add explicit addresses for zone xfers 4 months ago
  Astro 88e67c827b pkgs/dns-slaves: init 4 months ago
  Astro 023282e0a1 subnets: fix cluster up1 range 4 months ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 25d3785951 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gitea.c3d2.de:2222/zentralwerk/network 4 months ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 502ac5823e fix cluster prefix 4 months ago
  Astro 4d41e241b3 lib/dns: refactor localZones 4 months ago
  Daniel Poelzleithner 6c103aa6cb add cluster ipv6 network 4 months ago
  Astro 4bb81fe044 nixos-module/container/dns: must use extraOptions 4 months ago
  Astro a9abf3d365 nixos-module/container/dns: create initial records in dynamic zones 4 months ago
  Astro 8bc0ce6e15 nixos-module/container/dns: allow underscores in dynamic hostnames 4 months ago
  Astro 3e2d8ef2fc lib/config: enable site.net.pub.dynamicDomain 4 months ago
  Astro e141a0fc5a nixos-module/defaults: install iftop 4 months ago
  Astro fd267085bc nixos-module/container/{dns, dhcp-server}: implement internal ipv4 dyndns 4 months ago
  Astro bc61849e4d nixos-module/network: try to make resolv.conf more compatible 4 months ago
  Astro 682e8d5bd8 flake.lock: update zentralwerk-network-key 4 months ago
  Astro 0d25ccf0da nix/key: add dyndnsKey 4 months ago
  Astro 4402d724bb nixos-module/container/anon: make nat, iproute2 config optional 4 months ago
  Astro 0aa4169dcb nixos-module/container/anon: make core flags optional 4 months ago
  Astro 01f3685d9b nixos-module/server/lxc-containers: add shortenNetName 4 months ago
  Astro 5bda3ab775 nixos-module/defaults: let journald log to volatile storage 4 months ago
  Astro 16d60e0dd3 nixos-module/container/dnscache: fix local forward-zones 4 months ago
  Astro c70cb80a78 nixos-module/container/dnscache: remove more domain-insecure definitions 4 months ago
  Astro b2e8fab30e nixos-module/container/dnscache: disable c3d2 reverse zone 4 months ago
  Astro 1eeb24a2e2 nixos-module/container/dnscache: use all the dn42 ns 4 months ago
  Astro 911cd33a1c nixos-module/container/dnscache: extend domain-insecure, remove all local-zone 4 months ago
  Astro a45fb3c484 nixos-module/container/dnscache: use data from config.site.dns.localZones 4 months ago
  Astro b800691dad nixos-module/container/dns: factor zones out into config.site.dns.localZones 4 months ago
  Astro 20c8821823 nixos-module/container/bird: don't redistribute bgp into ospf 4 months ago
  Astro bf0a185ed5 nixos-module/server/lxc-containers: decrease RestartSec 4 months ago
  Astro 5f8203d901 nixos-module/container/bird: add check-upstream services 4 months ago
  Astro d89c373dfe nixos-module/container/dns: add ipv6 reverse zones 4 months ago
  Astro 187c657080 nixos-module/container/dns: add ipv4 reverse zones 4 months ago
  Astro 8c896c31b8 nixos-module/container/dns: init 4 months ago
  Astro c15f716dd1 nixos-module/container/bird: fix ospf priority 4 months ago
  Astro eb6ddf1648 hosts: remove all dhcp entries 4 months ago
  Astro f99d05c42d nixos-module/container/bird: become designated router for ospf instances when adveritising upstream 4 months ago
  Astro df5fee8f69 nixos-module/container/bird: style 4 months ago
  Astro a62b7dbc80 switch-b2: deploy ap56 4 months ago
  Astro 93d312c26c nixos-module/server/lxc-containers: switch back to using ConditionPathExists 4 months ago
  Astro aa5c7377c7 nixos-module/server/lxc-containers: add restart on failed reload 4 months ago
  Astro 3166d607f5 README: document the `prebuilt` option 4 months ago
  Astro 03f755f841 nixos-module/container/upstream: provide NAT6 with noNat.subnets6 4 months ago
  Astro 38da586d49 nixos-module/container/bird: disable ospfv3 auth again for ZW6_upstream* 4 months ago
  Astro d72789c35a /nixos-module/container/bird: use ospf instances not areas for sharing upstream 4 months ago
  Astro 003a948ce2 lib/config: remove ospf.networks[46] 4 months ago
  Astro 268e16999f nixos-module/container/bird: remove useless network declarations 4 months ago
  Astro eda2bc3b55 nixos-module/container/bird: simplify filters 4 months ago
  Astro 692e12f07d nixos-module/container/bird: start using multiple ospf instances 4 months ago
  Astro 1f06e90cfc nixos-module/defaults: enable boot.tmpOnTmpfs 4 months ago