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Astro 187a20f67e rm outdated stuff 1 year ago
Astro a42eafcadf README: update 1 year ago
Astro 96a4b1052f doc: dev env 2 years ago
Astro b0611efc57 doc 2 years ago
Astro ebd000f23a doc/hello: update wlan 2 years ago
Astro caa4b55f0d doc/hello: do not recommend WR841 anymore 2 years ago
Astro d53cdde147 doc/ update ipv6 situation 5 years ago
eri! 4dcd18071c
Update 5 years ago
eri! c60c44b38b
Update 5 years ago
Astro 4734598a30 doc/wifi-provisioning: dhcp 5 years ago
Astro eee644aba6 doc/hello: kosten, auszug 5 years ago
Astro 32b0b1cc3f doc 5 years ago
Astro d1168af8b3 doc/wifi-provisioning: pkgs 5 years ago
Eri - d3b6c07f07 colors are explanatory he said 6 years ago
webzwo0i 721881dd7b monitor-port kriegt broadcasts etc der auf ihm aktivierten vlans 6 years ago
webzwo0i 02ae399347 add howto monitor port 6 years ago
Astro c769ea89d6 doc/hello: add links to geizhals 6 years ago
webzwo0i 41d7659dbb howto access our modem 6 years ago
Eri - 1cf0451184 server and CA certificate for radius 6 years ago
Astro 967778c76a Merge branch 'master' into patch-3 6 years ago
Astro 7abdb4cf1d Merge pull request #19 from vv01f/patch-2
6 years ago
Wolf 9b1e05df02 Begriff schärfen 6 years ago
Wolf e58486509f typo
minor stuff
6 years ago
Wolf d5b701d3c3 typos
just some minor stuff
6 years ago
webzwo0i cdec48c2df update debian dl link 6 years ago
webzwo0i 9ad1f60099 klarstellung für fremdrouter nutzung 6 years ago
webzwo0i 35ec05abc8 in case of uci errors - remove commit and cycle through options until error is gone 6 years ago
Astro 2262daf93b doc/hello: embed core.png 6 years ago
Astro 349e87a3c2 doc/hello 6 years ago
Astro d0a6066548 doc/hello, doc/flyer 6 years ago
Astro 2a072ef2bd doc/hello: link openwrt/lede hw lists 6 years ago
Astro 14d6d9ac15 doc/wifi-provisioning: explain switch pillar, add scripts 6 years ago
webzwo0i 165f1aec24 typo 6 years ago
Astro d85c91dd2b doc/hello: eigener alter WLAN-Router 6 years ago
Astro 33a78beb8e Merge pull request #13 from yater/patch-2
text ein wenig einheitlicher, passender formuliert
6 years ago
Astro 11cb02b4c4 doc: wifi-provisioning 6 years ago
Eri - b84da863f9 network diagram 6 years ago
yater 4b510684a7 text ein wenig einheitlicher, passender formuliert
angefangen den text ein wenig zu überarbeiten: schaffen von eindeutigeren und einheitlicheren formulierung
6 years ago
Astro 9f149068b4 README! 6 years ago
Astro 9c64bafa57 doc encryption 6 years ago
Astro f7490a06fa upstream 6 years ago
Astro 66464e8b3c fixes, fixes 6 years ago
Astro 68e0ed1f4a add the salt playground :) 6 years ago