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27 Commits (6655e5e6a9de229f55717f93c97bbaa281b374fc)

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Astro a62b7dbc80 switch-b2: deploy ap56 2 years ago
Astro 3e04b0f92f update 2 years ago
Astro 69619f7725 ap55: deploy 2 years ago
yater 3d1ddcb8ab
Update 2 years ago
yater 747dd7855b
Update 2 years ago
Astro 3ac6aad444 Turm C details 2 years ago
Astro 0277dfe59f Turm C 2 years ago
Astro 2e392d7177 update 2 years ago
Astro 3f839188fe switches: deploy ap51 2 years ago
Astro c8d71f5164 switch-b2: deploy ap43 3 years ago
Eri - f151dea09a updated contact and reformated cabling 3 years ago
Astro 0b552184af switches: share priv26 between b1 & b2 4 years ago
Astro eb2c604869 cabling: verified 4 years ago
Astro 9990a84b94 update cabling 5 years ago
Astro 34fd4ee758 plug ap24 + ap25 into switch-b2 5 years ago
Astro 779cabe24a cabling: verify two ports 5 years ago
eri! 03dfd026db verifed unit B3.07.01 6 years ago
Eri - a773746577 corrected room number 6 years ago
Astro 42f1a21728 deploy priv4 + ap4 6 years ago
eri! 862b2b5124 Update
B 3.06.02 (D7) is now connected via b2 22 (formerly B 3.09.03 (D10) was no link)
B 3.09.03 (D10) is now wired via b2 18 with no connection
6 years ago
webzwo0i 8bca91084c verified 6 years ago
Astro 09526ffe76 update cabling
Kabeltester ftw
6 years ago
eri! 131ae4563d verified B 2.05.07 6 years ago
Astro c0fb7beab7 cabling: verified 6 years ago
yater 296c1a5356 farbige symbole statt buchstaben mit legende
Die Legende durch die Symbole überflüssig gemacht, oder?
6 years ago
Astro 1d19508b1d cabling: fix minor glitches 6 years ago
Astro d6cfee5c15 add cabling 6 years ago