51 Commits (1330ba94d24701236c37b75cdb71b4b03b6083a1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Astro 1330ba94d2 ap.sh: copy to nix/, change ping addr to mgmt-gw 1 year ago
Astro 2a0b83e3ac cpe: delete old keys for open wifis 1 year ago
Astro 80fce3a0f3 cpe: fix escaping 1 year ago
Astro a5889707ae cpe: refactor error-led 1 year ago
Astro 3499a78e65 cpe: fix wifi-on-link.sh 1 year ago
Astro 381640d681 cpe: add error-led to wifi-on-link.sh cronjob 1 year ago
Astro 3901d70973 cpe: work around interface name on Ubnt-UAP-nanoHD 1 year ago
Astro 5fd3df74c0 cpe: prepare aps for Saal 1 year ago
Astro 09de48a7a2 cpe: add the working dns cache 2 years ago
Astro 5041cdfc6e cpe: prepare ap39 3 years ago
Astro 36f97de25b cpe: handle model TL-Archer-C7v5 4 years ago
Astro 048fe2b276 ap.sh: detail 1043 ports 4 years ago
Astro 7b1b957b7d cpe: fix switch config for 1043NDv5 4 years ago
Astro 3c6fc16a90 hosts/subnet: add ctx to allow multiple inet6 addrs 4 years ago
Astro 8df921c2c1 ap.sh TL-1043NDv4: fix WAN port id for mgmt vlan 4 years ago
Astro 03e9afa169 cpe: add switch configuration for TL-WR1043NDv4 4 years ago
Astro 562fe53936 cpe: prepare TL-Archer-C7v4 switching config 4 years ago
eri451 5ef733a0d7 forgot closing " 4 years ago
eri451 4ec750f083 different ifname prefixes for nightly 4 years ago
Astro 02e8b3948a cpe: fix radius auth_secret 5 years ago
eri451 869bfc6c56 due to required auth_server_secret 5 years ago
Astro b7014a7018 cpe: start radio/iface numbering at 0 5 years ago
Astro a1a247f254 cpe: fix ifnum with this one weird trick 5 years ago
Astro 9628f7d370 cpe: fix jinja syntax 5 years ago
Astro 5b6f90e4be cpe: discriminate wifi ifnames with -eap suffix 5 years ago
eri451 2361978c55 configurable server and port 5 years ago
eri451 131fc9c73c noauth eap with radius.hq.c3d2 5 years ago
Astro 35da64f481 cpe: implement TL-WR740N, prepare ap22 5 years ago
Astro 9fc6caec0d cpe: stop dnsmasq+uhttpd on aps 5 years ago
Astro ee98af9fa8 cpe: sensible wifi ifname in wifi-on-link.sh 5 years ago
Astro 08b1a1dd17 cpe: try configuring sensible wifi ifnames 5 years ago
Astro 163f1a57f9 cpe, switches: replace ap18 with ap21 5 years ago
Astro 2123639965 cpe: fix gateways 5 years ago
Astro c87ae7784f cpe: syntax fixes 5 years ago
Astro 5b5f86eb8a cpe: unify ap mgmt conf 5 years ago
Astro d05eedc42c cpe: script fixes 5 years ago
Astro 565feefd28 add ssh pubkey for cpe.ap 5 years ago
Astro b5c20fcd6e cpe.ap: configure mgmt ipv6 5 years ago
Astro 93f45cdbf8 cpe: prepare ap20 6 years ago
webzwo0i d6240d7d6c deploy ap13 & dir-615 router template 6 years ago
Astro 8e174cdcf5 cpe: fixed ap mcast_rate 6 years ago
Astro ec9cc8bc8a cpe: configure TL-WR841Nv8 ports 6 years ago
Astro dd9a278263 ap.sh: remove spurious reboot arg 6 years ago
Astro f7b491b90f cpe: fix all the shell syntax 6 years ago
Astro 94d6593659 cpe: tune wifis 6 years ago
Astro 779c583d13 cpe: implement wifi-on-link.sh 6 years ago
Astro bdf0ef9a58 cpe: prepare TL-Archer-C7v2 config, deploy ap3 6 years ago
Astro 9c7dca3423 cpe: attempt TL-WR1043ND 6 years ago
Astro 420dbea8d1 cpe: use integreated manageable switch in TL-WDR4300 6 years ago
Astro 4f6da292be cpe: TL-WDR4300 6 years ago