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Astro 6c4c86e4a5 nixos-module/container/upstream: flush conntrack states after nat startup 1 day ago
Astro e48343ac8c net/core: add coloradio-gw 4 days ago
Astro 07433f8e7e nixos-module/container/dns: make nsupdate use TCP 4 days ago
Astro b8d27ab9ca nixos-module/container/lxc-config: simplify 4 days ago
Astro c41f5c56a6 nix/nixos-module/server/lxc-containers: make container config independend of host system 4 days ago
Astro e76c8a9a3a pkgs/switches/junos: update password hash method from SHA-256 to SHA-512 4 days ago
Astro 4ada8878fc upstream4: forward 8000/tcp for coloradio 4 days ago
Astro 674f119168 nixos-module/server/lxc-containers: fix container config syntax 4 days ago
Astro 5fa0ac96ff server2: remove deprecated boot.loader.grub.version 4 days ago
Astro d3446c1a94 flake.lock: Update
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'nixpkgs':
    'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/4ecab3273592f27479a583fb6d975d4aba3486fe' (2023-05-31)
  → 'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/18388d019974e90a035bdb938a8a3ca3c0408db9' (2023-06-04)
• Updated input 'openwrt':
    'git+' (2023-05-28)
  → 'git+' (2023-06-03)
• Updated input 'openwrt-imagebuilder':
    'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/c600f6dbe0516b34a307d9ec69015e123ec859a4' (2023-05-31)
  → 'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/b5901ec9361152f1f588445d1b3f06239ea4b86c' (2023-06-04)
4 days ago
Astro 22b08ab0b1 config/secrets: generate site.dyndnsKey that is accepted by dhcpd 4 days ago
Astro f73d4b64dc nixos-module/server/lxc-containers: prevent restart on host nixos-rebuild switch 4 days ago
Astro 87cf64653c nixos-module/server/lxc-containers: shorten coloradio iface names 4 days ago
Astro 8bb6821b87 prepare for nixos 23.05 4 days ago
Astro 371d41b69b flake.lock: Update
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'nixpkgs':
    'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/781df3d2de37ace250ba3c2731606c0b6bee465b' (2023-04-14)
  → 'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/4ecab3273592f27479a583fb6d975d4aba3486fe' (2023-05-31)
• Updated input 'openwrt':
    'git+' (2023-04-13)
  → 'git+' (2023-05-28)
• Updated input 'openwrt-imagebuilder':
    'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/b3d1f398472452ea288ce2d8dbf20d6115bf1c64' (2023-04-14)
  → 'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/c600f6dbe0516b34a307d9ec69015e123ec859a4' (2023-05-31)
4 days ago
Astro d797cdd3a2 flake.nix: bump inputs.nixpkgs from 22.11 to 23.05 4 days ago
Sandro - d410bf0d82
Add telnet 1 week ago
Sandro - f46e961d1b
Format 1 week ago
Astro ef35aca8f2 config/net/coloradio: add interface type 1 week ago
Astro c6bf9edc6d config/net/coloradio: init 1 week ago
oxapentane - 3442a76eb5
reserve IP for uranus 1 week ago
Sandro - 000000003b
Fix eval 2 weeks ago
Sandro - 00000033d0
shorten comments 2 weeks ago
Sandro - 29ceeb88a4
network-graphs: use graphviz without X 2 weeks ago
Markus Schmidl 53692344ee remove old dns record 2 weeks ago
Markus Schmidl 8da1dba1af remove old upstream forward 2 weeks ago
Markus Schmidl 08f2340c34 cleanup serv ip addresses 2 weeks ago
Astro 05a1406968 switch-b3: remove one mgmt port 3 weeks ago
Astro fad2cd5d00 switch-b3: deploy server6 3 weeks ago
oxapentane - d7ea0a7d7b
serv: reserve IP for tram-borzoi 3 weeks ago
Markus Schmidl be66f26ad6 add port to switch on the roof 4 weeks ago
oxapentane - 0c5de6364b
serv: reserve an IP for borken-data-hoarder 1 month ago
Sandro - 9759deaaaf
c3d2: add pipebert 1 month ago
Sandro - 3750053a7b
c3d2: update mac of glotzbert 2 months ago
Astro d7e617d755 switch-b3: deploy priv30 2 months ago
Sandro - dd75dcd8e4
c3d2: add wled 2 months ago
Sandro - 91ca539317
flake.lock: Update
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'nixpkgs':
    'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/cdead16a444a3e5de7bc9b0af8e198b11bb01804' (2023-01-20)
  → 'github:NixOS/nixpkgs/781df3d2de37ace250ba3c2731606c0b6bee465b' (2023-04-14)
• Updated input 'openwrt':
    'git+' (2023-01-20)
  → 'git+' (2023-04-13)
• Updated input 'openwrt-imagebuilder':
    'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/676f6c33fda9e0c94232001249364aebde67ffe4' (2023-02-25)
  → 'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/b3d1f398472452ea288ce2d8dbf20d6115bf1c64' (2023-04-14)
2 months ago
Sandro - 3069e4c5b9
upstream: remove port forward for removed minetest 2 months ago
Sandro - f53a153d4c
serv: add home-assistant 2 months ago
Sandro - d1afbcdf48
serv: add comment to reuse old ips 2 months ago
Sandro - e95536ff4f
serv: cleanup unused 2 months ago
Astro 7df69471c6 pkgs/openwrt: split off a working package set for tiny devices 2 months ago
Astro 9392b9c05a ap24: correct model, revert to wpa2 for flash space reasons 2 months ago
Sandro - e1ad3f3726
serv: sort, fix duplicated address for matrix 3 months ago
Sandro - 03bb74ff38
Add IPs for matrix 3 months ago
Markus Schmidl 211b59ed83 Revert "serv: add tlms-elastic"
This reverts commit c8ef65b97c.
3 months ago
Markus Schmidl c8ef65b97c serv: add tlms-elastic 3 months ago
oxapentane - 1f7e1e003b
remove duplicate ports 3 months ago
oxapentane - ac61e1f4f2
add server7 3 months ago
Astro 0a0ed7da0e flake.lock: Update
Flake lock file updates:

• Updated input 'openwrt-imagebuilder':
    'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/e1454108a5c2f9daf6c3f478962706379e41f765' (2023-01-29)
  → 'github:astro/nix-openwrt-imagebuilder/676f6c33fda9e0c94232001249364aebde67ffe4' (2023-02-25)
3 months ago