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# pentaradio-tools
A tool to automate parts of the publishing process of Pentaradio episodes.
## Installation
Compile and install with `make` and `make install`. A Go compiler is required.
For the `pentaradio-tools upload` subcommand, `` must be configured in the SSH client config, for example:
$ cat $HOME/.ssh/config
User ftpupload
Port 2022
IdentityFile /home/username/.ssh/id_ed25519
IdentitiesOnly yes
## Usage
There are two subcommands, both without any additional arguments or options:
* `pentaradio-tools upload` uploads all relevant files (audios, chapter marks file, shownotes file) to ``.
* `pentaradio-tools generate` generates an XML file containing a news entry for [c3d2-web](/c3d2/c3d2-web).
Both subcommands expect the following files in the working directory:
The date must be identical on all files.
The chapter marks file must contain the same marks that have been given to Auphonic. The usual process is to write the
chapter marks file during editing and then give it to Auphonic's file importer.
The shownotes file must contain the contents of the shownotes pad. It is technically a Markdown file, but for historical
reasons we are using the `.txt` extension. The shownotes must be in the following format:
# Pentaradio vom DD. Mmm YYYY
# Titel: "<title>"
Mit <author-names>.
## News
The title, author names, and short description are used for the c3d2-web news entry.