Das Netzwerk in der Riesaer Str. 32
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Astro 9900b9af5e pkgs/network-graphs: remove debug output 11 months ago
starlink pkgs/starlink: fix convert.rb 1 year ago
subnetplan nix/pkgs/subnetplan: use colspan 11 months ago
switches pkgs/switches: sort output stably 11 months ago
ap.nix pkgs/ap: update ap_install_collectd.sh hint 11 months ago
ap_install_collectd.sh nix/pkgs: add ap_install_collectd.sh 1 year ago
default.nix pkgs: add all-rootfs 11 months ago
device-templates.nix pkgs/device-templates: rename device-scripts to .sh for `nix run .#...` 11 months ago
dns-slaves.nix pkgs/dns-slaves: add allow-query { all; }; 12 months ago
network-graphs.nix pkgs/network-graphs: remove debug output 11 months ago
subnetplans.nix nix/pkgs/subnetplan: init 11 months ago