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(ns beherbergung.model.offer-mapping.warhelp
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[beherbergung.model.offer :refer [int_string]]
[clojure.string :refer [split]]))
(defn split_user_string
"TODO handle common separators entered by users like `,` or `and`"
(split s #" "))
(def mapping {:id_tmp #(or (not-empty (get % "E-Mail ")) (get % "Phone"))
:time_from_str (constantly nil)
:time_duration_str "Available from- , to / Verfügbar von- bis"
:beds "How many people can you host? / Wievielen Menschen können sie Unterkunft bieten?"
:languages ["The language you speak / Gesprochene Sprachen" split_user_string]
:place_country "Country / Land"
:place_city (constantly nil)
:place_zip (constantly nil)
:place_street (constantly nil)
:place_street_number (constantly nil)
:accessible (constantly nil)
:animals_allowed (constantly nil)
:animals_present (constantly nil)
:contact_name_full "Name "
:contact_phone "Phone"
:contact_email "E-Mail "
:note "Anything else to keep in mind? Animals? Allergies? / Gibt es sonst noch etwas zu bedenken? Tiere? Allergien?"})