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This repository contains tools for NGOs, organizing private hosting.

Import of existing datasets

Transformation / Merging / Export

  • edn
  • json
  • csv
  • xlsx

A secure / robust / scalable backend, usable by all NGOs

Every NGO can decide between self-hosting the backend or using a backend provided by us.

Implemented by reusing the technology stack of swlkup

A frontend for authorized NGO members, to search the database

A website written for this use case allows easy input of filters. The usage of finding matches will be much more convenient than working with a spreadsheet.

  • Should be available this week (work in progress)

Features to process an hosting offer dataset:

  • note if host was contacted (by which login) + additional notes
  • keep track if offer is still free / occupied (till) / free again

A customizable public form, to submit new offers

There is no need to use this component for NGOs happy with their existing solution. Instead they can use the import function or an API adapter.

An optional new form was requested by:

  • zentralwerk & goethe institut
  • lifeline