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### State management
Global state (e.g. instances of database and webserver) are managed by [mount](
# Installation
## Windows
The backend runs clojure. To install clojure you might use [leiningen](
### java install
But first check to have a java installtion ready to run.
java -version
If not - you can download it e.g. from [Adopt]( Dowload a LTS and HotSpot Version using the links and commands below "Windows x64 jdk installation". Basically it is just a Unziping and adding PATH to Environment.
### lein install
consider download, self-install and run via lein.bat
* locally
* or in a folder from your PATH-Variable (call SET in commandline to check)
curl >lein.bat
lein run
### debug
in case of failure you can add detail information by activating verbose-mode
lein run
to check using test-data use
set DB_SEED="src/beherbergung/db/seed/test.edn"
lein run