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Generate parts of the datenschleuder website from source data.xml:

  • rss feed as ds-feed.xml,
  • oldfashioned hypertext download.html and
  • the informative index.html

utilizing XML transformations.

And supporting to manage the data.xml.


Simply call ./ build for generating the target files.

  • Creating a new entry for data.xml is supported with ./ release or ./ release 99 for a custom issue number, here 99.

  • To omit the explaining information, simply disregard stderr: ./ release 2>/dev/null.

  • Replicating entry for ds #99 including the datetime: ./ release 99 1568505600.

  • the release message is whatever are the remaining non-numeric arguments: ./ release 99 1568505600 Die Ausgabe \#100 ist schon einige Zeit fertig und ausgeliefert. Die Freunde der Digitalen Ausgabe wird freuen, dass die Aushabe \#99 nun online ist.

  • For sorting data.xml, call ./ sort. (Not implemented yet)


  • sh, coreutils, date, sed etc.
  • xsltproc

preview: screenshots