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Jan Metzler 4a36a6404f updated debug command 2 years ago
Jan Metzler df1e00e03c fixed question answer 2 years ago
Jan Metzler 1695bfc0f2 added persistent user database 2 years ago
Steinadler c4014f0fba stuff deleted 2 years ago
Steinadler d8680dff44 zeug gelöscht 2 years ago
Steinader bed782963d test db connection module, 3rd try to push 2 years ago
adamercat 9e3041b454 test 2 years ago
pbkush 511dbaea0c Dateien hochladen nach „“ 2 years ago
Steinader 5985f3d12a test db connection module 2 years ago
Steinader 164a8db7f5 antwort table has schwierigkeit_id and frage_ID FK 2 years ago
Jan Metzler 13d500adb3 bot rewritten to use command extension 2 years ago
Steinadler 768314d652 „fragen_antworten.txt“ ändern 2 years ago
Jan Metzler 979ef06550 first 2 years ago