26 Commits (master)

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Steinadler a2fcec03f2 renamed tests to tests.txt and did some formatting 2 years ago
Steinadler 6efc45ec2e fixed bug in clean_input.py for empty card selection. 2 years ago
Steinadler ef57e98647 added option that chosen_player selection ist only shown when there are more than 1 AI players 2 years ago
Steinadler 40a7be152c edited some print calls and added so time delays 2 years ago
Steinadler a70f219824 added doctest file and added end_screen() after the_winner_is() 2 years ago
Steinadler 897f9d8375 minor bug fixes 2 years ago
Steinadler 8277c96938 edited print calls to show "Du" for human player, first addition of time.sleep() 2 years ago
Steinadler 81b1cd3cd8 removed debug prints and added docstrings in quartett.py and clean_input.py 2 years ago
Steinadler a0474000ba active in central_function() is now random 2 years ago
Steinadler 7b6851c9de AI card selection is now complete, edited print statements in pretty_print_deck() and steal(), all_quartets is now working 2 years ago
adamercat 1f80056d2e clean up, and added comments 2 years ago
adamercat 0c3cd94fc8 implemented the_winner_is() function 2 years ago
Steinadler 8a8dfc92db added list comrehension in AI branch of round(), AI can now choose a player and a card. 2 years ago
Steinadler 7937adc402 changed active player rotation/selection in central_function(), added AI branch to round(), started to implement all_quartets (a list of all dropped cards) 2 years ago
adamercat 484de50a83 added debugging print calls, round() now uses .pop instead of .remove (bc it didnt work),in steal added card_index otherwise stolen card cannot be found, added pretty_print_deck() function 2 years ago
Steinadler 4484a60f26 modified drop_cards_help() 2 years ago
adamercat 9b628e5917 implemented check if any deck is empty, drop_cards()-function to drop quartets from hand, started the_winner_is()-function that determines the winner in the end. 2 years ago
Steinadler 6c1848c5ba cleaning in quartett.py 2 years ago
adamercat b9a2767eeb implemented active rotation, fixed some assignments, implemented switch in round() 2 years ago
adamercat e98634d887 Implemented steal()-function and taking a card from card_stack 2 years ago
Steinadler 75ce84e094 added return value for initialize() a second time 2 years ago
Steinadler 87e615abe4 added return value for initialize() 2 years ago
adamercat 0b2df69c07 Added TODOs 2 years ago
Polaris 469857aec3 Added TODOs 2 years ago
Steinadler 68d4eada8c added tab in line 25 in quartett.py 2 years ago
Steinadler 269ee73642 added initialize() in quartett.py 2 years ago
Steinadler 255dfa8d0d added main module 2 years ago