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Steinadler 8f46a66bcb Changed seed to None and removed blank in the_end() 2 years ago
adamercat 497ffd80c8 Added Docstrings and corrected for style. 2 years ago
Steinadler 0f66134c40 Added docstrings and reformatting to clean_input.py and game.py 2 years ago
Steinadler 30389951b0 V 1.0 2 years ago
adamercat 8ec1091199 restructured directory, so that all files are in one place. 2 years ago
adamercat 660160e45d restructured welcome message, added int function in clean_input and added Game Over in user:interface. 2 years ago
adamercat a58882fa13 added animation for dice results in user_interface.py and corresponding ascii art file. 2 years ago
adamercat f166c965bb minor typographic changes 2 years ago
Steinadler 61f4aa4fc5 edited clean_input.py try..except 2 years ago
Steinadler eb90944d6d choose_loser() now chooses a loser. 2 years ago
adamercat e0712804f5 added building blocks for user interface 2 years ago
Steinadler 4e9654845c added welcome() 2 years ago
adamercat 5bb64c61c5 minor improvements of clean input, created player_welcome_message 2 years ago
Steinadler 13a048bd8b removed bugs in game.py 2 years ago
adamercat 4ae599735f new Quit and Restart functionality 2 years ago
Steinadler dbba059482 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into master 2 years ago
Steinadler 75986862c3 added check_special_score() for 9, 10, and >=16 2 years ago
adamercat d95ff545bc test 2 years ago
Steinader 24652a721a added test string in game.py 2 years ago
Polaris 880e6dc029 first outline of clean_input module. 2 years ago
Steinader b11622a471 added two modules 2 years ago