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'''Naming Policy'''
Please avoid any language suggesting that any particular data item
represents (or identifies) a human being"
for two reasons:
a) This data item would accumulate reputation over time. While this is
something needed in certain context, "reputation" is meta data collected
elsewhere. Certainly it would be used as a key in "big data".
Since we need some reputation to connect humans, make always clear that
this data item (e.g. address) designates something the human possesses
at the moment.
If EDN grows big enough, the language which has manifested itself at
that time, will be used in court. This could really fire back.
b) It is an offense to the end user: When explaining the product, we
should be sure that rarely any end user having just understood how the
product works will advertise it to a technology-avers friend, point to
the screen showing anything other than the friends face and say "this is
you". Teach them from the beginning to say: "this is quasi your
phone's number here".