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The use cases will double as draft for the "why EDN" documentation of the
final product.<br>
They alsi can be deployed as testcases for the testing.
They should focus on the situation of a human using the
product. Avoid technical terms if possible.<br>
Don't focus on mass, concise, prepare for a couple of iterations.
== Contact Buddy ==
'''Precondition:''' The user is comfortable with basic operation of EDN.<br>
'''Flow of Events'''
# Alice picks personal EDN device.
# EDN presents "buddy list" for selection and alternative option to control EDN settings (buddy list etc.).
# Alice selects contact "Bob". EDN UI enters "connected to target device" state: while connected the UI's "suggested default operation" is to change back into "select buddy state".
# Alice sends initial message.
# Bob and Alice may exchange additional messages.
# Either Alice or Bob terminate the chat returning EDN into "select buddy state"
Selection lists are appropriate in the 1..10 range and still acceptable in the 10..100 range. There should be some notion of grouping contacts for highly connected persons and and the possibility to query contacts.