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@ -10,9 +10,7 @@ Low-level bitbanging is performed by an AVR ATMEGA8, which acts as a postman for
A sample Java application is provided which will flash the 4 user LED's on an STM32F4-Discovery board in a SWD debugging session. The Cortex M4 is then reset by writing the address of the reset handler into register 15 (which is the program counter).
The source code for SWD adapter and Java application are basically a hands-on introduction into SWD-packet-programming.
The sources are in [http://home.arcor.de/handydatabase/swd-link-1.0.zip swd-link-1.0.zip]
With SWD-LINK it is easy to experiment with SWD as you have full control over the packet traffic to/from the target Cortex M.
The sources are on https://github.com/GerhardPaulus/SWD-LINK
Thanks to Seb and John from Dresden hackerspace C3D2.de for the introduction into STM32F4 development, which made this project possible.