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@ -2,6 +2,8 @@
Logger is required by article.rb
dotfile function reads the user's MediaWiki config and creates a Wiki instance.
@ -283,11 +285,6 @@ Inherited from '''Object'''
The MiniBrowser instance used by this Wiki. This must be readable as it's used by Article and Category to fetch themselves.
===MediaWiki::Wiki#logger (R)===
The Logger used by this Wiki.
===MediaWiki::Wiki::new(url, user = nil, password = nil, loglevel = Logger::WARN)===
Initialize a new Wiki instance.
@ -302,10 +299,14 @@ Initialize a new Wiki instance.
: [Integer] Loglevel, default is to log all messages >= Logger::WARN = 2
Returns the pages listed on "Special:Allpages"
TODO: Handle big wikis with chunked Special:Allpages
; namespace_id:
: Optional namespace for article index (see Wiki#namespace_ids to retrieve id)
; result:
: [Array] of [String] Articlenames
@ -357,3 +358,11 @@ This is '''not''' HTTP authentication (put HTTP-Auth into [url] of Wiki#initiali
: [String] MediaWiki password
May raise an exception if cannot authenticate
Retrieve all namespaces and their IDs, which could be used for Wiki#allpages
; result:
: [Hash] String => Fixnum