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An overlayed Nixpkgs for the Genode OS framework

This repo contains Nix expressions for building Genode with Nixpkgs and building Nixpkgs for Genode. At the moment the former is experimental and broken in many cases, the later is probably broken for all cases.


The LLVM cross-compiler may useful already, Clang apparently builds Genode without serious problems. Bootstrapping GCC is not feasible.

To compiler environment may be accessed via the nix-shell utility and the genode.base attribute defined here.

nix-shell «path-to-this-repo» -A genode.base

Bootstrapping the environment on a laptop can take hours.

Continuous builds

C3D2 hydra

Hardware for continuous builds provided by Chaos Computer Club Dresden.

The first hydra is located at

The following NixOS module will enable use of this Hydra as a cache:

{ ... }: {
  nix = {
    trustedUsers = [ «your-user»  ];

    trustedBinaryCaches = [

    binaryCachePublicKeys = [