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@ -173,6 +173,26 @@ A publicly available Hydra is provided by [CCC Dresden]( at The machine is only reachable over IPv6 and
therefore inaccessible to SculptOS.
# Testing
Tests are performed using QEMU and a test driver similiar to what is used by
NixOS (ours has not been ported to Python however). The test artifacts are built
as follows:
# Build a test log from a QEMU test run:
nix build .#checks.x86_64-linux-x86_64-genode.nova-solo5-net
# Build an ISO of the test run:
nix build .#checks.x86_64-linux-x86_64-genode.nova-solo5-net.iso
# Build the top-levl XML configuration of a test:
nix build .#checks.x86_64-linux-x86_64-genode.nova-solo5-net.xml
# Build the [SOTEST]( artifacts of a test run.
nix build .#checks.x86_64-linux-x86_64-genode.nova-solo5-net.sotest
# Glossary
Some of terms that follow are necessary for understanding packaging methodology,