Cleanup README

Remove sections on building depot and make targets as it is no
longer valid.
Emery Hemingway 2 years ago
parent 96db6848ec
commit 28859b57fd

@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ instructions for enabling:
$ git clone
$ cd genodepkgs
$ nix build .#checks.x86_64-linux.nova-x86
$ nix build -L .#checks.x86_64-linux.nova-x86
# View the log if the result is already cached:
$ nix log .#checks.x86_64-linux.nova-x86
@ -94,25 +94,10 @@ x86_64-unknown-genode-clang++ -v
# Tips and tricks
## How to build a Genode make target?
let flake = builtins.getFlake "genodepkgs";
in flake.packages.x86_64-linux-x86_64-genode.genodeSources.make "app/ping"
## How to build a Genode depot package?
let flake = builtins.getFlake "genodepkgs";
in flake.packages.x86_64-linux-x86_64-genode.genodeSources.depot "wifi_drv"
## How to add missing ports to a depot package?
The missing ports as indicated by a depot build failure must be added to
[targets.nix](./overlay/genode/targets.nix). To continue from the previous
example, this would be sufficient:
[targets.nix](./overlay/genode/targets.nix). For example: