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MD_TARGETS=$(addsuffix .xml, $(basename $(wildcard ./*.md ./**/*.md)))
.PHONY: all
all: validate format out/html/index.html out/epub/manual.epub
.PHONY: debug
nix-shell --run "xmloscopy --docbook5 ./manual.xml ./manual-full.xml"
.PHONY: format
format: doc-support/result
find . -iname '*.xml' -type f | while read f; do \
echo $$f ;\
xmlformat --config-file "doc-support/result/xmlformat.conf" -i $$f ;\
.PHONY: fix-misc-xml
find . -iname '*.xml' -type f \
-exec ../nixos/doc/varlistentry-fixer.rb {} ';'
.PHONY: clean
rm -f ${MD_TARGETS} doc-support/result .version manual-full.xml functions/library/locations.xml functions/library/generated
rm -rf ./out/ ./highlightjs
.PHONY: validate
validate: manual-full.xml doc-support/result
jing doc-support/result/docbook.rng manual-full.xml
out/html/index.html: doc-support/result manual-full.xml style.css highlightjs
mkdir -p out/html
xsltproc \
--nonet --xinclude \
--output $@ \
doc-support/result/xhtml.xsl \
mkdir -p out/html/highlightjs/
cp -r highlightjs out/html/
cp ./overrides.css out/html/
cp ./style.css out/html/style.css
mkdir -p out/html/images/callouts
cp doc-support/result/xsl/docbook/images/callouts/*.svg out/html/images/callouts/
chmod u+w -R out/html/
out/epub/manual.epub: manual-full.xml
mkdir -p out/epub/scratch
xsltproc --nonet \
--output out/epub/scratch/ \
doc-support/result/epub.xsl \
cp ./overrides.css out/epub/scratch/OEBPS
cp ./style.css out/epub/scratch/OEBPS
mkdir -p out/epub/scratch/OEBPS/images/callouts/
cp doc-support/result/xsl/docbook/images/callouts/*.svg out/epub/scratch/OEBPS/images/callouts/
echo "application/epub+zip" > mimetype
zip -0Xq "out/epub/manual.epub" mimetype
rm mimetype
cd "out/epub/scratch/" && zip -Xr9D "../manual.epub" *
rm -rf "out/epub/scratch/"
highlightjs: doc-support/result
mkdir -p highlightjs
cp -r doc-support/result/highlightjs/highlight.pack.js highlightjs/
cp -r doc-support/result/highlightjs/LICENSE highlightjs/
cp -r doc-support/result/highlightjs/mono-blue.css highlightjs/
cp -r doc-support/result/highlightjs/loader.js highlightjs/
manual-full.xml: ${MD_TARGETS} .version functions/library/locations.xml functions/library/generated *.xml **/*.xml **/**/*.xml
xmllint --nonet --xinclude --noxincludenode manual.xml --output manual-full.xml
.version: doc-support/result
ln -rfs ./doc-support/result/version .version
doc-support/result: doc-support/default.nix
(cd doc-support; nix-build)
functions/library/locations.xml: doc-support/result
ln -rfs ./doc-support/result/function-locations.xml functions/library/locations.xml
functions/library/generated: doc-support/result
ln -rfs ./doc-support/result/function-docs functions/library/generated
pandoc $^ -w docbook+smart \
-f markdown+smart \
| sed -e 's|<ulink url=|<link xlink:href=|' \
-e 's|</ulink>|</link>|' \
-e 's|<sect. id=|<section xml:id=|' \
-e 's|</sect[0-9]>|</section>|' \
-e '1s| id=| xml:id=|' \
-e '1s|\(<[^ ]* \)|\1xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" |' \
| cat > $@
pandoc $^ -w docbook+smart \
--top-level-division=chapter \
-f markdown+smart \
| sed -e 's|<ulink url=|<link xlink:href=|' \
-e 's|</ulink>|</link>|' \
-e 's|<sect. id=|<section xml:id=|' \
-e 's|</sect[0-9]>|</section>|' \
-e '1s| id=| xml:id=|' \
-e '1s|\(<[^ ]* \)|\1|' \
| cat > $@