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Austin Seipp ec4cd43ca8 gitolite: 3.6.1 8 years ago
doc Fix trivial spelling mistake in docs 8 years ago
lib Merge #2711: add ansible-1.6.1 8 years ago
maintainers/scripts Create base-32 symlinks 8 years ago
nixos nixos: change EDITOR and PAGER environment variables to mkDefaults 8 years ago
pkgs gitolite: 3.6.1 8 years ago
.gitignore gitignore: result-* and make absolute doc ignores 8 years ago
.version Update version 8 years ago
COPYING * Applying an MIT-style license to Nixpkgs. 16 years ago Fixed link to installation instructions in README 8 years ago
default.nix Explicitly require Nix 1.6 8 years ago

Nixpkgs is a collection of packages for Nix package manager. Nixpkgs also includes NixOS linux distribution source code.