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{stdenv, git, cacert}: let
urlToName = url: rev: let
base = baseNameOf (stdenv.lib.removeSuffix "/" url);
matched = builtins.match "(.*).git" base;
short = builtins.substring 0 7 rev;
appendShort = if (builtins.match "[a-f0-9]*" rev) != null
then "-${short}"
else "";
in "${if matched == null then base else builtins.head matched}${appendShort}";
{ url, rev ? "HEAD", md5 ? "", sha256 ? "", leaveDotGit ? deepClone
, fetchSubmodules ? true, deepClone ? false
, branchName ? null
, name ? urlToName url rev
/* NOTE:
fetchgit has one problem: git fetch only works for refs.
This is because fetching arbitrary (maybe dangling) commits may be a security risk
and checking whether a commit belongs to a ref is expensive. This may
change in the future when some caching is added to git (?)
Usually refs are either tags (refs/tags/*) or branches (refs/heads/*)
Cloning branches will make the hash check fail when there is an update.
But not all patches we want can be accessed by tags.
The workaround is getting the last n commits so that it's likely that they
still contain the hash we want.
for now : increase depth iteratively (TODO)
real fix: ask git folks to add a
git fetch $HASH contained in $BRANCH
facility because checking that $HASH is contained in $BRANCH is less
expensive than fetching --depth $N.
Even if git folks implemented this feature soon it may take years until
server admins start using the new version?
assert md5 != "" || sha256 != "";
assert deepClone -> leaveDotGit;
stdenv.mkDerivation {
inherit name;
builder = ./;
fetcher = "${./nix-prefetch-git}"; # This must be a string to ensure it's called with bash.
buildInputs = [git];
outputHashAlgo = if sha256 == "" then "md5" else "sha256";
outputHashMode = "recursive";
outputHash = if sha256 == "" then md5 else sha256;
inherit url rev leaveDotGit fetchSubmodules deepClone branchName;
GIT_SSL_CAINFO = "${cacert}/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt";
impureEnvVars = stdenv.lib.fetchers.proxyImpureEnvVars ++ [
preferLocalBuild = true;