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Thomas Tuegel decb5802c9 elpaBuild: factor out package installation 7 years ago
agda agda: Remove unused/uneeded abstractions, including `postprocess` 8 years ago
autonix autonix: JSON manifest format 8 years ago
build-dotnet-package build-dotnet-package: add optional makeWrapperArgs argument 7 years ago
build-fhs-chrootenv chrootenv: add setuid wrappers to path 7 years ago
build-fhs-userenv Merge pull request #12062 from mogorman/platformio 7 years ago
buildenv buildEnv: Allow setting meta attributes 7 years ago
builder-defs Don't fail if env-vars cannot be written to 7 years ago
cc-wrapper cc-wrapper: Don't mess with __DATE__ and __TIME__ 7 years ago
docker dockerTools: nix functions for manipulating docker images 7 years ago
dotnetbuildhelpers Lay down the foundation for packaging the .NET echosystem 8 years ago
dotnetenv Remove executable bits from non-executable files 8 years ago
emacs elpaBuild: factor out package installation 7 years ago
fetchadc Add Apple command-line tools 8 years ago
fetchbower Make fetchBower a bit more like a normal mkDerivation, which is easier to test. 7 years ago
fetchbzr nix-prefetch-bzr: match path name to fetchbzr name 7 years ago
fetchcvs build-support: Fix nix-prefetch-* on OS X. 8 years ago
fetchegg Infrastructure to build chicken eggs. 8 years ago
fetchfile Update 7 years ago
fetchgit fetchgit: follow up to 2cf7069b7d 7 years ago
fetchgitlocal fetchgitLocal: make it work in submodules 7 years ago
fetchhg fetchhg: fixed nix-prefetch-hg interpreter 7 years ago
fetchnuget fetchnuget: run fixupPhase to honor propagatedBuildInputs 8 years ago
fetchpatch fetchpatch: Allow to pass a postFetch attribute. 8 years ago
fetchsvn fetchsvn: correctly handle trailing slashes 7 years ago
fetchurl fetchurl: Always use 7 years ago
fetchzip fetchFromBitBucket: auto-remove an impure file 7 years ago
gcc-cross-wrapper orig-gcc -> orig-cc 8 years ago
gcc-wrapper-old Fix build of gccgo-wrapper on Illumos. 7 years ago
grsecurity Revert "kernel: Remove unsupported 3.10, 3.12, 3.14" 7 years ago
kernel make-initrd: store all files with root as owner 7 years ago
libredirect citrix-receiver: init at 13.2.1, fixes #8458 7 years ago
make-desktopitem makeDesktopItem: change `name` of the derivations 7 years ago
nuke-references nuke-references: support -e option 7 years ago
ocaml add an ocaml specific builder to the system 8 years ago
release clang-analyzer: align attrname with pkgname 8 years ago
rust buildRustPackage: don't hardcode /nix/store, use $NIX_STORE 7 years ago
setup-hooks Merge branch 'master' into staging 7 years ago
substitute-files substituteAllFiles: support postInstall 7 years ago
templaterpm Update: new features for nix-template-rpm 8 years ago
upstream-updater update-walker: add a minimal description 7 years ago
vm nixos/vm-tests: Remove msize mount option 7 years ago
build-maven.nix build-maven: Add handling for snapshot version resolution 7 years ago
build-pecl.nix fix phpPackages memcache,memcached,xdebug 8 years ago
replace-dependency.nix replace-dependency.nix: Remove unnecessary carriage return. 7 years ago
trivial-builders.nix requireFile: remove colon from the url for easier copy/paste 7 years ago